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The Rays of Creation


There is a lot of information around about Archangels and different 
Rays of Creation. Upon searching through the information as well as with my own creative efforts, I began interacting with The ArchAngel and the Rays of Creation I have come to understand represented by the colors of the rainbow. As I progress in my current discovery phase of my existence, the energies continue to work, co-create and coexist around me, as well as the heavenly bodies of the solar system, galaxy on to the entire universe itself. I have a few "theories" about how their energies interact with my own Consciousness, facilitating my communication abilities and many other talents and gifts I've started to show lately. 
Blue Ray of Creation, Ray of Love and WisdomConsolidating the posts on the Rays of Creation, this page will have all the links to each post as it is completed.




ORANGE RAY of Knowledge and Science


ArchAngel URIEL

INDIGO RAY of Devotion and Idealism

ArchAngel URIEL

Violet Ray of Creation

VIOLET RAY of Transformation and Divine Alchemy


The Argument of the Colors: a parable about the Forces of the Creation, introducing the Rays and their personalities, realms of influence and specific areas of creation, as well as the power they have when working together as the family of Creation Energies they are in Truth.

Highly Symbolic. Speaks of the differences and similarities, as well as the necessary symbiosis between all sentient beings and the world's diverse entities.

The first time I read it I immediately felt like I had written this parable in a different life. As time has progressed, I fluctuate from feeling like I was one of the Colors to thinking maybe I was simply the Sky where they had their argument...

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