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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Upcoming Graduation


I've had teachers before describe human society as a pyramid structure, where a person fights to be as high on the pyramid as they can go, but that certain people will always be higher than others based on the privilege of their birth. 

This is certainly true, but one has to also look at what one wants to accomplish during this human life. I want to write stories and creative works that are influenced by my spiritual path. Honestly, I'd also be happy simply providing some thought-provoking fun entertainment. It seems like a simple life, but I get such joy from storytelling that I'm inclined to feel that my soul is highly interested in such a life. 

Can stories heal? Do books still have a place in the 21st Century? They do seem to. People are certainly still publishing everyday.

I'm now less than two months away from graduating with my BA in English, and I found out this past week I was accepted into an MFA in Creative Writing program where I could focus on Speculative literature (such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, etc). My acceptance says I can even start early in the program before I finish my undergrad degree.

If I go to this program, I could start as early as the second week of May, when I'll have my finals week for my last semester at Georgia Southwestern.

Though I'm not really sure I want to dive in so soon, it is great to have options. I can take one class per 10-week term over the next three years, or I could get the whole 48-credit MFA finished in two years over 10 terms.

I'm feeling like my most sensible option is to learn to artfully engage with learning all I can about the publishing ecosystem, storytelling, genre fiction, with a thesis that includes writing and revising a novel.

Things continue to look up, though again, I'm aware that I'm dutifully diving into the pyramid structure of human society. But this is the society that exists today, so if I'm to really find my place in life, alongside whatever spiritual progress I can make to my soul's delight, then I hope this path will open up to greater fulfillment and, yes I dare say it, success.

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