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Saturday, July 11, 2020

This Site is Back Up


Apparently, this blog has been down since July 4th, due to me using my new domain name "" and Google sent me an email to verify my email address again, but this time for the new address.

I didn't see that email, and I only just now realized that the blog was pulled down until I verified my email.

Well, it's verified now. When I saw that it was down, my first thought was, "Was it pulled down due to its content?"  But no, it was something simple like verifying my email, which of course is a Google Gmail address, so apparently there is no automatic connection between Google Domains and Google Mail.

Anyway, welcome back to this site. I apologize for it being down. I had hoped to try to acquire some new site viewers from Facebook and have been sharing the link to this site there recently, but now I see that each time a new person tried to view my blog they found there was no site at the provided address.

Technology strikes again!

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