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Friday, June 19, 2020

Old Blog Description

This was this blog's previous description:

2013 - June 2020

"A unique perspective of Ascension, Awareness and ultimate Spiritual Awakening and Liberation. Here I share my experiences with the new energies of the "New Earth," which have reminded me of my mastery, my heritage and unique role as an aware blending of SOURCE energies, an important piece of the Creator. As Apprentice of Elohim, I currently seek Oneness and Unity Consciousness - All to energetically anchor and support the world's safe and successful Ascension."

I've gone from a fixation on the idea of Ascension for all humanity to focusing on pursing advanced education and hopefully earning a career within the next five years. It's hard to focus on both at times, but I think I was using my descent into spiritual rabbit holes to cloud my judgement in the past. I think one can live their life like they want to, though I do feel intwined with higher powers that are pulling my life in a certain direction that will involve me pursing advanced education first.

Above all, I trust God, the Universe, my Deities...whatever you want to call that sense of benevolence, joy and wonder I feel when I focus on that which is Higher. That is leading me on a path toward a better future, and they are certainly giving me amazingly great days with a close family and a circle of friends. I'm living one day at a time, and I'm finding joys in each and every day. That makes for a life worth living, right?

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