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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Before I was Born

A story of an event before I began my adventure in form here on this planet, sweet Goddess Earth....

A Preconception Performance....

Before I was born, I remember walking up to a microphone on a humble theatre stage. I walked up to it and a single small spot light quickly was pointed on me, and I could really only see the light and the microphone, but I had something I wanted to say to the audience in attendance.
So I started speaking, I addressed all the people I would ever meet, impact, affect or cause any sort of any feeling, reaction, action or any sort of awareness shift differently than if they had never had any interaction with me. I addressed them and told them I forgave them for any sort of reaction, action, emotion, feeling or even just imagined harm, hurt or any sort of energetic offering upon me that I might otherwise allow karma to touch for the both of us... I just forgave it before it even occurred. I forgave it before I was even CONCEIVED. 
Now, as I stood there on that little stage, I suddenly became aware of just how large that audience was who was listening in on me. Trillions and trillions strong at first and ever-expanding through time and space? Apparently, this theatre I was in got really weird due to the nature of the audience I was addressing. Due to my sudden awareness of all-that-I-ever-know-or-knows-me, I became very nervous. I started to stutter a bit, but then, thanks to my ever-present unshakable faith in my very best friend, God Himself, I didn't have to speak alone in this important hour of my not-yet-existence.
So God took the Mic from me and proceeded to add to my admittedly adorable and maybe even naive speech. He also said I was sorry for any and all slights, transgressions, slights and harms I would ever even possibly do, said that I asked forgiveness and offered thanks them all who I trespassed on in such a way, using the power of the Hawai'ian word "Ho'oponopono," which is a one word that means all that plus an added "And I love you too" in with the mix of statements.
God whipped out a heart-felt "Ho'oponopono" upon all of Creation then also on my behalf, then on behalf of the whole Creation, which He is able to speak for as well, turned to me and then looked me in the eyes ( a feat so confusingly impressive I can hardly describe it right now while typing this ) and gave me a heart-felt "Ho'oponopono" from a grateful Creation to me... and added a little speech about how I also forgive and apologize to myself for any and all perceived or factual hurt or harm I'd ever inflict, think about or feel toward myself or anything about myself.
Then the audience erupted in the largest standing ovation I'd ever actually conceived of, spinning my entire reality around a few times when they did. Which is perfect, since the next thing I really remember consciously was a cosmic event when I was a toddler. 
And I was quite a toddler, by the way. I was like a celestial body hurtling past like a meteor or a comet... 
The End?
The Beginning?
Before The Beginning?
Definitely, before The End?
...or maybe long After?
Still reading?
Thank you.
I love you.
Let's be friends for all eternity.

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