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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Rays of Creation (Yellow Ray: AA CHAMUEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Yellow Ray)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

This is the second post on my series of the Rays of Creation. If you missed the first post on the Blue Ray of Creation, ArchAngel JOPHIEL, you can read about those energies of creation and the overview of the Rays of Creation by going to my post on the Blue Ray, known as the Ray of Love and Wisdom

Today is Tuesday, named for the God "Tiw" making it "Tiw's Day." Today's Ray of Creation is symbolically represented by the Second Day of Creation in Genesis. The Gaelic God Tiw is also named "Mars," representing the male divine energies of the planetary consciousness of the beautiful red planet.  

Tuesday's Ray of Creation is the Yellow Ray, led by Archangel CHAMUEL.

The Yellow Ray of Creation is the 
"Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind"

Archangel CHAMUEL
Archangel CHAMUEL, Yellow Ray
Yellow Ray of Creation: ArchAngel CHAMUEL

The Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind is represented by the Divine energies of the ArchAngel CHAMUEL.

She is the ArchAngel of Tuesday, and can be recognized as the ArchAngel of the planet Mars in our Solar System, a planet known for its masculine active energies, while ArchAngel CHAMUEL manifest Herself as the more passive receptive feminine energies, though She (like all the Rays of Creation) represent and have full command of all the energies or "colors" of the energies of Creation.

The Rays of Creation encompass the total spectrum of Light, and the Yellow Ray is representative as what humans see as "yellow" in the Material Plane. This is because we humans tend to be most focused currently on our Physical Body and our lives in the Material Plane as our primary focal point. 

YELLOW gems, crystals and stones when utilized with the energies of the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind will refine the intellectual aspects of your mental computational and processing abilities, allowing your left brain to compute logic more efficiently, your right brain to process symbolism and abstract concepts faster, and the power of the Yellow Ray also assists the connections and communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, which can be enhanced by working with ArchAngel CHAMUEL and focusing with yellow crystals and gemstones.

ArchAngel CHAMUEL, Yellow Angel Wings
Yellow Ray of Creation: Intelligence and Higher Mind

Invocation of the Yellow Ray of Creation 

Invoke the Yellow Ray and the ArchAngel CHAMUEL for active intelligence which is grounded, meaning to enhance your mind's abilities and bring your awareness "down to Earth" and focused. The Yellow Ray can also be invoked for motivation, encouragement to act and for assistance in staying with a vision until it becomes manifest.

The energies of the Yellow Ray are associated with various deities and divine beings. Working through the ArchAngel CHAMUEL as the Yellow Ray and an ArchAngel of Creation is a simplification or a consolidation of the personalities and mythos of the divine energies associated with this portion of the vast energies of Creation.  

The Yellow Ray of Creation:

ArchAngel CHAMUEL is one of the first ArchAngels I have interacted with personally. Her incredible energies to be more toward the Divine Feminine talents of creation and receptivity. Her fiercely focused intellect inherently enhances the Higher Mind of anyone interacting with Her energies, and she especially has an interesting effect on any sort of Procrastination or lack of motivation.  As I'm working with Her today to write this post, I find myself typing faster and faster as Her energies motivate me to finish and share the Yellow Ray of Creation by sharing this post. I also am finding creative inspiration seems to flow much faster and smoother than what I consider my "normal" flow of thought.  She has quite the effect on higher thinking abilities...  I must admit I find it exhilerating.

Communication Enhancement and Uses of the Yellow Ray

Using the powerful energies of the Yellow Ray of Creation, the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind, will enhance the intelligent understanding of communications, grounding those involved, and allow for communications between various beings of diverse densities, dimensionality and distance.

With this powerful collection of energies led by ArchAngel CHAMUEL, I have found I am able to communicate with members of many different realms and kingdoms, from the Green Kingdom, Animal Kingdom to Extraterrestrials and Interdimensional Life that shares the planet with Humanity. I've actually made some acquaintances and growing friendships with some true "alien" life, leading to a feeling that such aren't so "alien" after all. We're different, certainly, but we are united in our interest in mutual understanding, the greater good and, of particular interest to me, a mutual idea of perspectives on "Faith." 

Invoking and utilizing, co-creating and experiencing the energies of the Yellow Ray is as easy as speaking out loud a vocal request for the Yellow Ray led by ArchAngel CHAMUEL to assist you in your life, your communications and any other aspect of your life experience where you would receive benefit by enhancing intelligence and higher thinking.

That's probably most areas of anyone's life, now that I think about it.

Please share with me your experiences as you call for the Yellow Ray of Creation and Archangel CHAMUEL's Presence in your life.  May you have a most enlightening and enjoyable experience with the Rays of Creation. 

Bless you and thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet.

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