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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Rays of Creation (Emerald Green Ray - AA GABRIEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Emerald Green Ray)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

This is the third post on my series of the Rays of Creation. If you missed the first post on the Blue Ray of Creation, ArchAngel JOPHIEL, you can read about those energies of creation and the overview of the Rays of Creation by going to my post on the Blue Ray here: my page on the Ray of Love and Wisdom and you can read about the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind (AA CHAMUEL) at my post here on: the Yellow Ray of Creation.

As I write this, today is Wednesday, named for the God "Woton" making it "Woton's Day." Today's Ray of Creation is symbolically represented by the Third Day of Creation. The Great God Woton, perhaps best known as "Odin," is also named "Indra" "Zeus" or "Jupiter," representing the divine energies of the planetary consciousness of the beautiful gas giant, the largest of planets in our Solar System.

Wednesday's Ray of Creation is the Emerald Green Ray, led by Archangel GABRIEL..

The Emerald Green Ray of Creation is the 
"Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art."


Emerald Green Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art

Meeting an ArchAngel 

The Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art is represented by the Divine energies of the ArchAngel GABRIEL.

AA GABRIEL is a Ray of Creation I was especially looking forward to writing about in this series. It is a little strange to put down in writing, but the honest truth is that I spent a day with AA GABRIEL about a year or so ago. I don't mean his non-physical or energetic Presence either. I spent the day with an actual physical being, who introduced himself as Gabriel, and he then proceeded to quickly reveal himself as the ArchAngel.

Briefly, I'll share some of what it was like to meet AA GABRIEL.

To sum up the whole evening we spent talking together, I'd have to say that the ArchAngel blew my socks off.  What I mean is, it was absolutely as much a challenge as it was a pleasure and honor to spend time with Him.
He knew everything about me, and I do mean everything. He didn't bat an eye at bringing up extremely personal details of my life, from what I was struggling with to issues and important lessons that the Angels had been trying to convey to me many, many times - and I just kept missing them! 

AA GABRIEL went from one subject to the next very rapidly, truly making the point to me that I was dealing with an extremely advanced being. He was humorous, silly at times, more charming than you'd believe, and he was very serious about trying to help me understand how the Angels were in my life and trying to help me.

It's actually quite a shame that it's taken me an entire year to write about meeting AA GABRIEL. I think I may have let worries about what others would think about me get in the way of sharing the meeting. 

But you know what? Instead of dwelling on my past worries, I'm simply going to decide I had not written of meeting the ArchAngel yet because the absolutely perfect time to write about Him is here on this particular blog post in this series on the Rays of Creation. I did not know AA GABRIEL as the Emerald Green Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art when I met Him, but I certainly did discover His incredible love of music and harmony, which is something I share with Him on a profoundly deep level. 

Since meeting Him, it's been suggested to me that my own gifts and talents of Harmony, Beauty and Art are perhaps due to the blessings of the energies of the Emerald Green Ray, the energies I am pleased to know as the ArchAngel GABRIEL.

* * *

Benefits and Uses of the Emerald Green Ray

The Rays of Creation encompass the total spectrum of Light, and the Emerald Green Ray is representative as what humans see as "Green" in the Material Plane. This focus of these energies of Creation is perhaps because we humans tend to be most focused more on our Physical Body and our physical presence in the Material Plane, making it our primary focal point. 

GREEN gems, crystals and stones when utilized with the energies of the Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art will create harmony and balance, energetically speaking of course, but these gemstones and crystals will assist you in bringing harmony and balance to many very real aspects of your life. Added benefit of using green stones (such as peridot, emerald and tourmaline) with the blessing and support of AA GABRIEL will actively work to equalize and balance disharmonious behaviors, feelings and thoughts, changing the very way your life path is progressing toward a more balanced, harmonious work of art - as it was intended to be.

Another color associated with AA GABRIEL and this Ray of Creation is WHITE.  The color white is associated with purity and purification, and utilizing white gemstones and crystals, such as diamond or quartz crystals, will aid in purification processes.

AA Gabriel, Emerald Green Ray of Creation
Green Angel Wings, a gift of harmony and balance from AA GABRIEL

Invoke the Emerald Green Ray and the ArchAngel GABRIEL for balance, harmony, beauty and creative aspiration. Invoking this Ray of Creation to "develop artistic abilities while having clarity of action, humility and a purity of purpose." (Selacia)

The energies of the Emerald Green Ray are associated with various deities and divine beings. Working through the ArchAngel GABRIEL as the Emerald Green Ray and an ArchAngel of Creation is a unified or even simplified methodology of interaction with these vast cosmic and celestial creation energies and Creators. It is a consolidation of the personalities and mythos of the divine energies associated with this portion of the vast energies of Creation, but it is a blessed and accepted consolidation. 

The Emerald Green Ray of Creation:

Communication Enhancement and Uses of the Emerald Green Ray

Using the powerful energies of the Emerald Green Ray of Creation, the Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art, will aid in the development of creative talents and aspiration for more artistic endeavors. This Ray of Creation brings balance, harmony, beauty and focuses an individual to have "clarity of action, humility and a purity of purpose."  

Invoking and utilizing, co-creating and experiencing the energies of the Emerald Green Ray is as easy as speaking out loud a vocal request for the energies of the Ray to intervene in your life, and the energies will respond to you, led by ArchAngel GABRIEL. He will want to assist you in your life, your communications, artistic abilities and expressions and any other area of your life experience where you would receive benefit by enhancing harmony, beauty, balance and purity.

That's probably most areas of anyone's life, now that I think about it.

Please share with me your experiences as you call for the Emerald Green Ray of Creation and Archangel GABRIEL's Presence in your life.

May you have a most enlightening and enjoyable experience with the
Rays of Creation

Bless you and thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet.

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