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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Calling for Guidance and Support!

Calling to Support Beings, Guidance, Entourage and Patron Deities and Entities (known and unknown)

By Robert Hughey

     There are times in the life experience when one may feel like all options are closed. Personally, I have had days where if felt like a huge wall of resistance has enclosed me, shutting me off from any path to success. I've been in a place emotionally, from situations both totally my fault as well as those resulting from the actions and energies of others, where it was almost like I was a lone soldier on a battlefield facing an encroaching army of enemies hellbent on the destruction of me and all that I was fighting to shelter and protect.

     Fortunately, it's at the moment of such extreme solitary emptiness, those moments where one might consider giving up entirely, when there seems to be an innate instinct or ability that turns on in the deepest part of the human being. It's something we all have, most certainly.

     In those darkest hours, when it's almost like the most evil entities around us have a chokehold on our very soul, that's when the human spirit engages perhaps its greatest weapon. 

It's almost like our suffering and sorrow creates a "call" through time and space, echoing through the Omni-universes and Dimensions, realms and planes. From the causal to the astral, the virtual to the etheric, the energies of a human being can be projected to communicate a "distress call" that has remarkable consequences.

     You see, every single human being on Earth is connected to a vast network of beings, entities and Great Energies that are more than willing to jump at the chance to come to answer the call. There are so many reasons for this, and in this post I want to specifically introduce some of these, share some of the reasons for their connection and I wish to share a Great Prayer and Working that can be read (out loud preferably or read silently with the intention to focus your words to be heard received by all who support and guide you).

     I will introduce and call to those that support, serve, aid, assist, guide and lovingly teach with this post. 

Some key members of my Entourage, as they may politely be called, are my Ancestors. My DNA is the key to connecting and communicating with them. I have at least some part or piece of my own genetic structure from an untold number of beings that not only connects me to so many People, but also to what came before humanity - the Progenitors. Even a small bit of genetic coding from an Ancestor enables a quantum tunneling-like connection between a living person and their Ancestors. The Living frequently are worried of the Judgements of Ancestors, "oh what would my Great-Great-Many-times-great GrandParent think of my choices and Lifestyle?!" 

Well, I'm here to remind you that the Ancestors as accessed through our own genetic material are 100% on our Team. They could be called your personal Cheerleading Squad. Talking to them directly and understanding the connection can develop an incredible development in your intuition, spiritual understanding and abilities, and upon working with that level of unconditional love and support, your own confidence, self-esteem and self-worth will brighten. The wisdom of the Ancients could become yours to access and acquire, as if you're remembering the lessons of the Ancestors. Your life experience becomes more magical, powerful and fulfilling as well.

Another source of support and assistance comes from what I call Angelics. There is so much information around the web about Angels, and much of it doesn't provide the same names, duties or details about these beings of light.  I personally have this belief: the Angelics are different for each of us, depending on our own unique heritage and lineage. The Human Race is an Angelic Race, and that fact is not understood by most People. We are the children of many different "root races" of Angelic or "Star People" races. This goes back to our unique genetic heritage and lineage, as there are members of many of those advanced and/or elder Races who are members of our Entourage and will support and even intervene directly in a person's life as soon as permission is given. "Ask and You Shall Receive."

The last Entourage position I wish to discuss today is arguably the most important for Humankind to recognize, interact and connect with. That would our Great Mother, the very planet we call home. Some people call Her "Gaia," while others "Tara" or "Goddess." She has many names, but we most importantly must remember we only have the one Planet Earth to live on and be a part of. Many are unaware of Her very active (and growing more vocal daily) and powerful Conscious Awareness. She's really alive, really there to listen and connect with, and She is welcoming and loving in some of the deepest ways anyone could ever experience. Talk to Her, tell Her your experiences, ask Her for assistance and thank Her for your existence...
...and your life will never be the same after, for She and the Universal Mother will conspire to show and share Divine Love and Light with you in the most unexpected and powerful ways. 

When Nature itself begins to communicate to you and support your life experience, whatever it was that was making you down will be proven to be a molehill rather than a Mountain.  

She, along with the Divinity, Angelics and Ancestors (as well as so many other beings and entities that will support the human being) are practically right there beside you, available to you if you'd but simply talk to them, ask your questions about anything, make your requests...  

And watch your life's situation open up to an experience beyond your wildest dreams. Your Entourage is waiting right now: what will you say to them first?

A Great Prayer and Working:

"Dear Support, Guidance and Great Entourage, seen and unseen,

With love, grace and ease, may that which plagues my spirit, worries my mind and attempts to confound my soul be soundly and appropriately resolved and handled with love and light so that I am no longer inhibited by that which stands between me and my greater good, joy, abundance and success. 
Thank you, All. 
I love you.
And so it is."

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