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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Be Here and Now!


By Robert Hughey

Focusing on not only owning the present moment or the all-important "Now," but understanding that where you are needed more than anywhere else in all the Universe is right exactly where you are located at the exact Present Time. Your exact location, place and space.

Focusing on the Present Timespace

Where are you right now?

That question seems simple, but the expanded view of the answer demands one look deeper. Your mind, conscious and subconscious, is undoubtably more that only at your current location. Perhaps you're thinking or even dwelling on something in your memory. 

Perhaps you are thinking of other People and other Places you'd rather be. 
There is an infinite number of places and spaces for you to mentally project yourself, and your subconscious mind may be working through and processing, creating connections, symbols and significance to related and perceived unrelated places, spaces and things.

Right at this moment, let's get as much of you in the HERE as possible. Sit or stand straight up and look around at your surroundings. Looking at something, declaratively speak to something and tell it what it is. For me, I see my bedroom and look down at a sweet ball of fur. 

"You're a cat! You are a cat!" 

Touch what you're talking to if you can, or reach toward it and imagine touching it as you identify it. Now, while touching it or reaching toward it, speak at it telling it what it is as well as where it is, describing the location and place where it is. 

"You're a cat! You're a cat on my bed! You're a cat in my bedroom on my bed!"

This action, especially while speaking and declaring or defining something creates a massive amount of focus in your conscious mind, and the repetition and specifics of place and space creates focus and instructs the subconscious more about where the current "Here" location and space to focus on should be. It is now going to process more on the current space and time, and your continued conscious effort to define and declare what you perceive right now in your "here" adds to the collective power of your subconscious focus and processing power.  

Working as a team in exercises like this are communication methods between conscious mind and the rest of our brain and nervous system's processing power. Bringing as much of your focus to the "here" as well as the "now" is empowering, invigorating and your insight, intuition and natural talents are augmented exponentially. 

The more "here and now" you become, the more effective you are in the time and space where you currently reside. Later, we'll discuss how you can focus so much and multidimensionally into one timespaceplace location that it become possible to "jump" to other timespaceplace's "mentally" to acquire wisdom, data and knowledge from them.

That's a bit advanced for right here and now, but feel welcome to experiment with whatever feels right to you. 

Please share your experiences with me too!

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