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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

From The Ascended Apprentice's Facebook Page


  1. Hello from South Alabama! I am enjoying your site. Also I'm envious of your quartz beds. Down here there are no rocks. It's all ancient seabed. We do have the wonderful energies from the Gulf of Mexico though. :-)

    1. Well hi there in South Alabama!
      My family lives in Southwest Georgia, down near Albany. I bet that's not too awfully far from you. I have family from Mobile as well. Those Gulf energies you mention are amazing, I agree!

      About that quartz bed I was drawn to.... I have tried to find it again a few times, but I haven't been able to locate it again. I just know it's somewhere in Central to South Georgia, and it's a very sacred area. Of course, I don't really beleive that any area of our world is NOT a sacred area, but that area is special to me. I mean, that's where I sang and danced for the Gods and star brothers... in person!

      I wonder what they thought of me as they watched. Can you imagine, some space deity up in his orb ship, popping in at that moment to reveal himself to a human He or She had chosen for whatever particular reason I'm of interest to the divine.... So you pop over to make a big deal and reveal yourself to him, only to have him get so overwhelmed he starts singing love songs and twirling around like a ballet dancer!!! I suddenly see the great God Shiva looking down and saying, "What is this fool doing?!"

      Oh, I bet more than one divine being was laughing "with" me that day. Know what I mean?
      I had fun though, and my intent behind my actions was pure, at least. I found them spectacular, and I wanted to celebrate their presence.