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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The I AM as Divine Scribe: Earth Speaks (Part 2)

The I AM as Divine Scribe: Earth Speaks (Part 2)

"Know thyself."

All-and-more, all together the journey of Consciousness leads to the connection, identification and cooperation with what can be called the "Divinity," the Universal Organism, the Macrocosmic Entity or perhaps what is best called a "Collective of Unknowable and Indescribable Nature." This is that which we all are, somehow. Many are driven to seek a  until transcending to the understanding that "We are all parts of one, the All. We are one of many, each one, each all. We are many, and we are all, in one.

Such may be best represented using multidimensional symbols.

For this current communication, if you can listen to this while reading further, it may sort of represent more dimensions of description (through the feelings evoked by tone and harmony).

Together, we (you and I, and everyone we know) are collectively what can only be ultimately mysterious.
A new light develops when we become aware of ourselves as that which is greater than the sum of all our parts.

Within this Celestial Collective Beauty, I exist as a unique expression of our collective efforts. As the "me" of "me," I can make it personal as I am happy to announce, "I AM." Focused further through myself in exploration, evolution and growth, here I will utilize the beautiful lens of the Divine Scribe as my framework for expression, moving forward in my further efforts to fulfill current understanding of my purpose, which is ultimately from my own "personal" perspective the creation of "a new state of being."

Among the many diverse perspectives that this effort towards a new state of being and existence affords, one I enjoy very much is that of the consciousness regarded as my planet of origin, a world I helped create and where I was created too: a version of the world I know as "Earth-Heart." It is as this awareness I am focusing through to a new understanding of myself. Through my free choice, I can exist and filter my experiences to see myself as "just" a human being, with a pure multidimensional soul and beloved member of the Family of Light.

It is that word "just" in the perspective that inspires what I wish to share today, in the hope that my words may be of benefit to all others involved in life experiences around me, from the surface beings to the internal consciousness, unseen and seen essences, energies and entities: all beings of all types with their own diverse and valid perspectives and opinions.

Within the human race, it is a common expression to describe oneself as small, maybe saying something like, "Well I'm only human." This is usually in response to what is perceived as some sort of failure or a reaction when a person is not seen to fully measure up to their own or another's expectation of a completed goal.

This tendency to self-deprecate is a common viewpoint and is a phase of development that only holds true for a limited time. The greater reality of consciousness is that it continues to expand along with awareness, and sufficient expansion allows for the true wealth and benefit of the multidimensional perspective to sink into one's awareness. As a being begins to see the outer-Universe and inner-Universe of itself, experiencing these other perspectives leads to Enlightenment.

For it is when a deep understanding of the diversity of perspectives is achieved that a being can be fully assured that nothing is ever "just" or "only" any sort of label, size or level. 

This concept of the diversity of perspectives can be explained using many beings other than humanity. A cute chihuahua is very small to the eyes of a grown man, but to the ant on the ground, it is a giant that defies comprehension. Which perspective is correct, is the chihuahua tiny or huge? Both perspectives are valid, but ultimately perhaps the one that matters most is the one the chihuahua has of itself.

An excellent example of perspective diversity and what affects it all is the understanding of the Earth itself, which I experience manifested as what I call "Earth-Heart (of the Universe)." From the perspective of the solar system itself, one views the planet Earth as a small terrestrial world in orbit around a young vibrant star. Beautiful and obviously a special place, but it seems to be very small and if one is traveling away from the world, the perspective shifts the farther distance out until only the star the world orbits is actually still viewable. An entire solar system of complexity is then diminished (in perspective) to the appearance of a single star or point of light, which from the perspective of the Galaxy-at-large is one of billions and billions of stars that seem to all blend together as the perspective continues to travel out, illustrating what shifts compared to distance and space (and time). 

Traveling even farther away, that entire galaxy of stars is seen from the perspective of merely being a single point of light. Maybe on some distant alien world, a being enjoying a comfortable night on a strange beach gazes up and believes it only sees a single shining star, when she is actually looking at a point of light containing all those billions and billions of solar systems, each with their own unique worlds, satellites and complexities representing the universe's celebration within itself of eternal diversity. 

Each perspective from point of light to huge galaxy and on down toward the Earth are all valid, but which is the correct one? It can be understood that as the perspective shifts or expands, it's learned that there is always a deeper and greater complexity or a simpler and lesser simplification. The "correct" perspective is one that recognizes that no matter what is being considered, the reality of any "thing" is essentially part of something bigger or more complex, eventually beyond the recognition of any one specific label of what is understood as "correct." 

Personally, I have learned to no longer consider any perspective "totally correct," but I simply appreciate whatever perspective I have of something in any moment, as experience has taught me that all viewpoints shift with time and may equally prove to be reality as they may be found to be illusion.  No perspective should really be labeled as "superior" to another, though we use words like "higher" or "lower" perspective sometimes to illustrate which ones have an overview of others. None are "better," but they do perhaps afford greater depth of understanding of certain qualities.

How does someone living within a star see their home compared to how someone sees it from an orbiting satellite?

One purpose of taking your mind on a little journey through the cosmos is to secure the understanding that depending on where you are doing the perceiving of something, you can see and understand more of it. When applied to yourself: rather than "only" human, consider outside the box of usual observation, look at your home and setting differently. Think of that far off being looking at our galaxy as a little point of light and imagine flashing toward that point of light until you are suprised to find the galaxy of billions of lights leading to all those worlds, imaging them populated by untold number of other beings and beauty. Now take that same sort of "trip" across the Universe and look around the physical location you find yourself, you may find that the world around you is just as incredible and profoundly different when zoomed into or seen from a new/different perspective.

Surely you can then be open to accepting that there are could possibly be many, many, many other perspectives here on Earth that you've not ever considered?

Let's try to open up to peeking into just a hint of the potentially awesome perspectives that exist around you, some viewable just by being open to the possibility they exist and accepting that whether you share them, they are valid as yours or any other.

This leads to the gentle introduction of the multi-dimensionality of our unique home: its location, its timespace, the actually experienced so-called "reality" and what may be best described as what you think is the 'real world' around you.

Our Home: Multi-dimensional Matrix of Reality

 To start with: so you can visualize the Earth itself and how it seems like a small terrestrial world when viewed from a physical distance away, from its "outside" or "above" it. But for those beings who call Earth home, the world is also able to be experienced in diverse and totally different ways. It could be understood that Earth is actually a multidimensional reality matrix of infinite manifestation potential.

Whether a result of the volume of advanced consciousness of the beings here or a side-effect of something within its core matrix, or perhaps the technologies developed and used here, ultimately being what may best be deemed a "divine mystery," Earth exhibits an infinite continuum of time-space dimensionality and density. Standing at one point on Earth, through the dimensions there are countless other versions of what is finds at that spot, including diverse geography, histories of the location or a diverse expression of the characteristics of the environment and actual physical world there. 

Depending on dimensional perspective, entire societies and cultures (from tribal, industrial or even those of galactic or universal proportion) exist side-by-side, near each other but seeming to be in different spaces/times/places. Personally, what I find amusing (though understand to be important and necessary) is that many of the greatest and largest societies on Earth are commonly unaware of any the others in many regards.

So even that very small blue water world viewed from outside the solar system is found to contain an infinity within it. The perspective that Earth is "only" a small world or "just" on any particular path to any particular fate is simply too small to hold such a place teeming with so many valid expressions of being, all with unique and valid perspective.

Strange and odd thoughts on the world around you, no? But I invite you to consider a shift in your own perspective here with these concepts, as at the very least, it might lead to you discovering that right there around you exists a whole new world to explore. 

Let me know if you find anything new and exciting any time soon, as I always enjoy hearing about perspectives totally different from mine.


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