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Monday, October 6, 2014

Rise and Thrive, Divine Child! (Sacred Poetry)

Rise and Thrive, Divine Child!

by Robert Hughey (Google+)(Published at

It is now your time, Dear One! 
Shine and Share your special shade of Loving Light!

Sweet child of the Divine, Creator of All-that-IS, Arise Now!

What, didn't you know your true identity, darling Child of Divine Consciousness?
Well, sit back a spell and let me tell you what I know about the
you of YOU,
...if I may take such a bold action with a being so loved and so special.

Yes, I said SPECIAL!  YES, I'm talking about you there reading THIS.
You are specially sacred, absolutely lovely,
supported by all Forces in the Universe:
the Seen and Unseen, and the Known, and definitely the Unknown.
All and More!

Why, call upon the very Space that surrounds you
this very second and WATCH!
It'll bend any way it can to respond to your whim, wish and wild fancy.

Why? Because you are LIGHT... the Light of the World!
You are LOVE... the very incarnation of LOVE in Human Form!
You are the Champion of COMPASSION, EQUALITY.
You are BLESSED. You're BLESSINGS made flesh and blood!

You are PERFECT, even in what you perceive as your imperfections.
You are Truly... the ONE. One of Many!
You are Worthy of Wonder. And this whole life experience is an
Ode to You.

Yes, it's All True!

Unique in all the Universes everywhere and anywhere,
You're more rarefied than any known substance on any
world in the Cosmos.

You know what, I'm not even qualified to tell you about you. All that should be truly said regarding YOU, my Divine Darling is that...
Yes, You Shall Rise for Yes, You ARE.

That's so sufficient, so right and so appropriate, Dear Godling.
Yes, as you prepare to emulate a shooting star, raising above and beyond all given expectations in a new and different elevated esteemed emanation of the Creator.

Yes, the very same entity that You Are in Actual Truth...
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