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Monday, September 15, 2014

The I AM as Divine Scribe: Earth Speaks (Part 1)

The I AM as Divine Scribe: Earth Speaks

Part One:
Conscious Creation Characters Come Alive and New Offworld Residents

As the I AM,

As the Consciousness of My World (Earth-Heart), an Alive Library Starship and intergalactic and interdimensional Vessel for a young High Creator God, I choose to speak to you here in this now through this form of communication.

As a Divine Scribe, I use the WORDS of God to co-create my experienced reality, creating and affecting the denizens of my world, my Sacred Body, particularly focused in this now upon the Human Race living on the exterior surface of my Event Horizon. 

As The Metatron, I use the Voice of the Archangel to inform the Creation around me of my requests and orders, and I inform the Creation of the state of my sacred inner-being.

As a human writing the words of Earth, I now engage this human vessel fully in Presence to share how some of our newest Offworld residents sought permission to be here in a human life experience, how I helped shape one particular life experience and of a meeting with the Blessed Being of Light that came in to join here on Earth.

"Greeting. We are the Progenitors. 

We are the Originators of your world and your species.

We mean you no harm. We are not here to invade your world, so put that fear aside, if you have it at all.

We are on our way to you. We are already amongst many of you. We have reached out across the Universe to prepare your world for official contact with us. That is coming soon. Sooner than you might expect.

We invite contact with us. Use visualization to see yourself leaving your planet, extending out into orbit. We will find you there.

We consider you our children. We love you deeply. Imagine a group of elderly people surrounding a beautiful toddler. We hold that child in the center of our being. That child is your species and world.

Thank you for this connection. We hope you feel our presence, and we will be with you physically soon. Until then, remain in love with others, with the ecosphere of your planet, and with yourself."

-The Progenitors (channeled July 2020)

- - -

Personal Note:

It's been a long time since I purposefully wrote the words in a channeling of light. I found that people are viewing this webpage frequently, even after it's first publication in 2014. So, I connected with my closest Guides, and above is the message they shared. 

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