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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What am I? (updated)

A shrill voice screams out to the eternal darkness,
"What am I?"

All Colors in Pigment, Absence of All in Light.  "Omnil"

The silence that answers the question in totality roars throughout the entire Universe, shattering all preconceived notions and all imbedded conditioning surrounding "identity" and "self."
Without any ability to comprehend the profound answer supplied to the Great Question, the call is made again and again, eternally seeking the Absolute Truth: "What am I? What am I? What am I?"

Again, that deafening silence stretches out from one end of the Cosmos to the other in an effort to answer the self-defining yearning for a label or a specific limit in response to the constant stream of pleas and questions.
Here, a schism is formed. One part gives up the effort to find or receive a satisfactory answer to the Inquiry. Another part explodes in raging wrath against the silence, blaming it for the perception of a lack of any comprehensible response.

Thankfully, a small part held firm in anticipation and expectation long enough for the epiphany to arrive.

For the answer isn't the silence itself. The answer is the moment during the silence when there is the potential for an infinite number of different responses to be expressed.
For it is in that specific moment of real and infinite possibility that the Truth is honestly represented in the only way it can be illustrated and still be Capital-T Truth, though unfortunately such a Truth is not essentially understood or even enough of an answer to placate the original piercing question of identity.

"What am I?" continues to be asked, echoing across the emptiness of spacetime, bouncing off elements of an infinite Universe always answering each probing quest for self with the Truest response possible, the response almost always missed or misunderstood.
Such is the nature of going to anything outside of oneself regarding ascertaining self-identity.

* * *
Since posing the question of "What am I?" to the Universe, the answer to that seemingly small question has been steadily unfolded before me over the last few years.  Sometimes I pose questions to the Universe that get answered immediately. This is never expected universally, but it is greatly appreciated. Some questions I've asked are answered in more symbolic fashion in the world around me.  I've asked questions that then had birds and the environment show certain things that inspired the answer to the question to rise up within me.  Powerful stuff, truly!

But then there are questions like this one.  Asking the Universe to define something that is ultimately abstract is quite an "interesting" experience.  It is, for all intents and purposes, like asking a different question that also is of substantial power.  And this page of my Ascension Blog is the perfect place to add that question, equally as profound as the first one asked above, but a more maturely worded question.
...with equally pure intention...

"Dear Universe,
How can what I am be of best service to the supreme greatest good of ALL?"

And after I wrote that.... such a powerful experience resulted in the modification of my question to this:

"How can I be a unique SOURCE of unconditional love in all that I am and all that I do?"
...and if I am such a SOURCE, please show me how I can better focus myself and my actions where such are best needed in the here and now moment...



And so I wait for the response to such a question... one that better men than me have posed in so many different ways.  I'm a bit anxious at the response I will receive, but more so, I'm excited, as even a bit more comprehension of the response to such a question will enable me to be that much more of what I honestly dream of being... that which is the best version of myself, as defined by being that which aspires to the greatest good.    For now, I can think of no higher existence or ultimate use of the time I have in my life experience.

Blessed Be, to all reading this (seen and unseen, known and unknown), across time and space.

For YOU, from the depths of my sacred self to your own:

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  1. the question of "what am I?" is tough. The place I started was Who am I? The other questions came easier.