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Friday, May 9, 2014

I have a message for YOU

I have a Message for You.

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Robert Wiley Hughey -

I have a message for you.
It's about you.
Yes, I am talking to YOU.
You, the one with the face.
The beautiful face.
The face with the sad eyes.

Why do you look down?
As if Your feet have all the answers?
Look up, here into my eyes.
For there you'll find the message.
The message I have for you.

Just for You. 
From All of ME, seen and unseen.

And that message starts:
"You're the light of the world, a treasure to all who get to know you and experience your companionship."

Or maybe the message is:
"I understand your pain, for it is my pain as well."

Or better yet still:
"The light you share from your eyes to mine is like life-giving nectar. Your attention is the ambrosia of the gods."

Best of all:
"I love you. Truly.
You're a blessed miracle, a gift to the world."



    1. Coming from you... That means the world, as your beauty (inside and out) is staggering in its brilliance.