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Sunday, May 11, 2014

CLARITY - We made this mess. We'll be cleaning it up ourselves too.


We made this mess.
We'll be cleaning it up ourselves too.

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Archon Connection to Earth?

Sometimes I absolutely amaze myself at the kinds of conversations and interactions I have on a daily basis. Before my so-called "Awakening," I lived in the everyday average "normal" world.

My, how things start to open up once one begins to question the nature of reality and the Universe around us.

Today I want to talk about the kind of life that is non-physical or "energy life" and the so-called "psychic" form of communicating or connecting with it.

I was involved in an interesting discussion about "archons" today. Basically, an impassioned person was telling me that these beings live around us that are called archons, and they were awful, body-less, evil and dark beings made from energy who suck our life-forces, control us mercilessly or something equally dire and hopeless. They were about as terrible as anything could be. The more the conversation continued, the less "connected" I felt. I found myself feeling like I was sinking as I listened, usually a sure sign showing me that where the person was existing in their life experience was pretty far removed from where I was familiar with: a little place I like to call "Reality."

You know, part of the pitfall of being the creator of our own life experience here on Earth is we can get lost in getting really specific with aspects of our Spirituality. It's as if the act of labeling that which is beyond the scope of our limited senses to understand is exactly what fuels delusional ecstatic states.
When you accept yourself for a Spiritual Being rather than merely a physical entity, your world opens up and frequently people are faced with recognizing that there are consciousnesses that exist around us that also call our planet home, and they're incredibly different than us. Remember, the human eye only sees about 1% of the Electromagnetic spectrum, so it's quite startling when a person's extrasensory perception starts kicking in (which an Awakening initiates, for some reason) and one is suddenly forced to recognize there's so much to the world and to life that we humans have no clue about.

Some of these beings seem so different from us that if I walked up and called a rock on the ground a "flat rock," one of these beings would then examine it and say it's a "B Flat Major Chord." We both recognize it as a "something" and can describe it relative to our ability to recognize the "thing" of the rock, but our senses interact with energies and our environment in completely different ways.

It's a convoluted and complicated Universe, and it seems that so much of what is "around us" does not seem to really care to explain much to us in "normal" human terms.

I can't help but think that so often what has happened is someone recognizes that there are "other" beings living in the space around us, but rather than accepting that these beings are mysteries, they allow their imagination to take them on a journey away from Reality.

I am wondering if the archons are some of these beings we have no frame of reference for when it comes to interacting. I read there is a multitude of new consciousness coming in from an in-flux of energetic lifeforms coming in as part of this new sector of the galaxy we're transversing, this "photon belt" or whatever. That means it's a "Light Belt," right?

Psychic Communication with Other Conscious Beings

It seems to really be playing havoc with the more energetically sensitive of us, especially with our ability to consciously connect with other beings. By connect, I mean communicate in a sort of "vibrational" way. I don't know how else to explain that without getting too esoteric. I guess one could call it a "psychic" connection, but that sounds like Science Fiction, and I'm genuinely interested in discussing what most in the Awakened Community take easily for granted but that mainstream human science and culture is oblivious about.

Perhaps I can share how it feels to communicate with some of these beings that live around us (but outside the usual electromagnetic spectrum). It's like they're "almost" in the space beside us, which I guess is why some people call them "interdimensional" life.

When an energy sensitive person communicates energetically (or "psychically" I suppose), you have to understand that when we connect, we "feel" like we're the other being. It becomes really easy to start getting lost in such egocentric ideas of our own identity. One can start to believe that he actually is the being he's connecting with. But losing sight on who we are as people isn't any part of this planet's Ascension Process. That would be going back to sleep. Here, we're Ascending and waking up everyone in the process (or so I would expect)...

But the fact is that no, we're not this god or that god whom we attempt to communicate with. I align with the Archangel of Transformation, Azrael, and I enjoy a certain level of energetic communication with that being. Connecting with him makes me feel like I am, in fact, this Celestial Being. But am I him??? It sure feels like it when I'm connecting to his energy, but the fact is that I'm Robert Wiley Hughey, not the consciousness I label as an angel. My own "personal energy frequency" (for lack of a better term) harmonizes quite easily with Azrael's and other Archangels. Some entities call me "angel" at times, but ever since I had a being tell me I was a "paramecium" compared to it, I take everything they say with a grain of salt.

Mainstream Appreciation of Non-Physical Life

So why doesn't the human culture have more concrete knowledge about non-physical life or the interesting but incredibly different conscious entities that live around us? I don't have an answer to that, but I also know that factually, no one has a definite proven explanation. To me, that's further proof we're creating the experience with these non-corporeal beings as we go. It's like this: if I'm connecting with one and we're attempting to communicate, then I can choose to say this being is named "Bob" and comes from the inner Earth planes. The being may have a very different self-identity, but it's like they decide to "work" in whatever framework we give them to communicate with us. If we call them gods, they're godly, or if we call them angels, they're benevolent angelic beings. I suspect if we believe them to be dark entities then we will be interacting with things that might not be so pleasant for us.

One wonders if this starts to explain "ghosts" and "spook" experiences too. Maybe the things that go bump in the middle of the night don't actually start bumping around until you expect them to start knocking around.


Spiritual Delusions

You see people lost in these spiritual delusions all the time, creating whole life stories around the beings that live around us, not being very adept at separating the "them" from the "other." Sure, our Oneness and sameness is what allows such connections between our consciousnesses and these other beings, but fundamentally, we are the being we're born to be. I'm actively going through an amazing physical and spiritual ascension process, but when it's through the current transition, I may be sorely disappointed if I believe I'm going to wake up as the god Horus or as an Arcturian in human form. Yet many in the Spirituality Community are very lost in the connections to these other beings around us, and a lot of time sense of identity seems to just disappear.

Well, I'm planning on continuing to label myself as "human," and I expect you, dear Reader, do the same. I would also think that upon spiritual ascension, we shouldn't expect to lose that humanity. It's essential to who we are, after all.

 What we as human beings are is a uniquely special organism here on Earth (and very new to this planet compared to its history of organisms). And we're evolving so rapidly (the process of Ascension being one way of interpreting that) that our consciousness and technology are reaching a point of transcendence. It's been called a "singularity," and it's one that will signify the moment our civilization is at its true Crisis: the time when we either start fixing ourselves or we will suffer the consequences, all the up to and including extinction.We have more opportunities for success than we'd ever dream, but we're still going to be cleaning up the mess we've made of things so far. That may be quite rapidly accomplished with the Event of the Singularity.

 When that occurs, it truly will be monumental, and sure, we can call it us reclaiming or stepping forward in our SELF as divine conscious creator beings (or whatever special terminology one wants to label on us), but no matter what the label, we'll still be here in the "real world" with our particular set of "real world" issues requiring our effort to clean up the "real world" mess we have here. It literally isn't going to fix itself, no matter how hard we wish it would.

We made this mess, all of us collectively.
We'll be cleaning it up ourselves too.

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