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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Transitional Transformation Energy Sensitive

Transitional Transformation Energy Sensitive

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Do you feel like humanity is going through a transitional period right now? 

Last year, I would ask people that question, and it seemed that was the general feeling by most people I'd talk with. That feeling grew steadily for many the past years, especially since the Solstice in December 2012.

It occurred to me to dwell a bit on what it could really mean when a world transits around the Galaxy and goes through the different markers that we end up calling "Ages." I do spend a bit too much time in deep contemplative thought, don't I?

The Age of Pieces officially ended on that Solstice I mentioned, but what if the Ages are also markers of changing energetic influences as well as calendar markers? Is it possible that there is a measurable change in the kinds of energies that exist in the space Earth would be moving into, and could that energy have very specific effects on mankind in various ways? I believe it does. I'm not sure how to measure the energy beyond our current technology.

But then, I'm also a person whose eyes pick up a whole lot of wavelengths most people miss. At least, that's what I think is the reason why I see the shimmer of Spirit Matter or the Astral Plane residents around us.

That's the first time I've stated that publicly, but I remember how I used to think I was crazy because I'd see floating and moving "things" in the air, particularly around people's energetic bodies/auras, and it really made me doubt my sanity for a time. Luckily, I learned that I certainly wasn't the first person to be able to see these other aspects to our environment, but I never really did enjoy the fact that our culture pretty much writes off all these obviously real parts of "the world" off as fantasy or fake.

I could pretend that I find these things fake, I suppose, to conform to those ideas, but I know them to be incorrect or even an outright lie.

Energetic Observations

I can tell you honestly that for energy sensitives (or whatever you want to call people like me: weirdos, "special" or blessed. Those are my favorites) the energy began shifting more dramatically in the year leading up to that 2012 Solstice, but the actual date of the "official" beginning of the Age of Aquarius did not feel any different than the day before - at least not for me.

Recently, we had the Spring Equinox of 2014, and since that particular date, my senses have been almost overloaded with energetic information. In the past when that would happen, I would typically close off or shield that part of me, as I used to do for most of my life, but this time the energy was such that I found I didn't want to close it off.  I'm not sure how to fully explain this, but it was that the energy had a very positive and incredibly appealing emotional component to it.

It was powerful; perhaps it is the most powerful the ambient energy of space has ever felt to me in my life, but it was the first time I was fully aware that the energy had affection, support and even a loving "taste" to it.

(sigh) I wish I had a better vocabulary to accurately describe my energetic senses. For my entire life, I was taught that I only had five senses, so I have to use those words to apply to these other senses. These senses are based upon two main ideas: vibration/frequency and feeling/emotions. If I had grown up in an Eastern Culture, I would have received organized education about the human energy field and healing, but with my upbringing I had to dig around to even understand what was happening when my chakras started amping up and I could feel the vortexes spinning through my physical body.

That was very disconcerting. And even today, it's real effort for me to build the courage to share my actual and real experiences on this matter here publicly. Fundamentally, it doesn't matter what others think of my claims or beliefs on the matter, but to me it still matters emotionally speaking.

I'll work on that.

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