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Monday, April 7, 2014

Respecting the Absolute Truth

Respecting the Absolute Truth

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

My heart is a little heavy today as I write this, and I'm honestly hoping that sharing this today will help lighten the metaphorical weight I feel on my shoulders.

I've spent a lot of time most recently digging very deep into the minds of others, particularly other metaphysically educated, spirit quest oriented and magical or esoteric inclined. In short, I made a point of finding other people "like me" and really diving in to their writings, their journals/blogs and their Philosophies. You could say I was doing my best to grasp as much as I could of what they might consider their "Truth."

I did this for many reasons, but I do feel that the primary reason is I was strengthening my own understanding, as well as what I seem to always be doing: seeking further understanding about the place where I live, this "world."

But what I found honestly disturbed me.

And it wasn't because I found beliefs that were outside of my comfort zone or too radical. What upset me were the number of beliefs that were held as Absolute Truths.

And by Absolute Truth, I mean they are presented and given as the only interpretation or understanding of a subject, and therefore anyone that had a different, divergent or parallel opinion (much less opposite, opposing or irrelevant one) was Absolutely WRONG.

And that strikes me to my core as fully WRONG practice and beliefs, in that I think it crosses an important line. 

So I wanted to write about that today. I have come to believe that what I firmly lock into my own reality is exactly what I experience, on a fundamental and profound level actually.

I believe and have experienced the fact that we all are very much responsible for the reality we experience here on "the world." What we believe to be fundamental nature of reality seems to come to be, at least from one or more of the multidimensional perspective at looking at anything around us. So when someone states that all of our reality is a particular god's or entity's to own and that anyone else who has another god (or other exalted or advanced being) to put as primary to their perspective must be absolutely WRONG, well when we hold that as our Truth, I firmly feel we're going against what we were put here on Earth to do.

That is, from my own experience/perspective so far, to bring the Light that is naturally in our heart to places where that Light is dim or has not shown before (for me, I call it the "love that is" and it's my own energy signature). It's hard to put more details of that into words, to be absolutely honest. It's a concept that's probably best expressed in the Higher Dimensions, purely conceptualized. I just know that so far my job has involved a lot of energy "movement" that's been most entirely out of my conscious control but is slowly introduced to my awareness, and I also know that all for me at the very least "feels" the most comfortable and safe when I approach all aspects of my path with a direct line to love, agape and devotion to my Creator.

That, and I'm shown systematically what "I am" and given what amounts to bare hints to help me get to what I want "to be." And of course, all while that happens, I can feel the physical and metaphysical changes rapidly accelerating through my physical form as Ascension continues.

So what is most certainly true is that the True Nature of reality, if there even is such a thing, is such that what I am and/or have become is not given to know the full extent of the truth I'm actually living. So I only have one complete option that satisfies all parts of me, to my core: I hold on to Trust absolutely. Trust in the Divine Plan. Trust in the energy/being I call "God," and the "Goddess." And I trust I am truly becoming as I move forward living this life from a completely immortal Spirit perspective, rather than the survival instinct and fear-based existence of the mortal coil I have been up until now. I truly believe that whatever I am, that "Robert" may not get to exist forever (or he might yet, just wait and see), but the essence and soul containing my experiences certainly does.

Enlightened Approach to Truth

But stating another's beliefs or interpretations or even their mythology as lies, falsehoods or mistakes creates this distortion of energy that would not exist if the more enlightened approach is used:

You have your Truth, and I respect that to be True for You.
I have my Truth, and You respect that to be True for Me.

Therefore the only Absolute Truth is this great, big potentially endless multivariate, multi-pronged, multi-dimensional Omniverse is this:

Your Truth is Yours, When Sovereign of Your Reality. All other Beings are Equal and are equally Correct in their perceived and/or experienced Reality. 

Which I guess is so much easier to state that, as far as I can tell, especially in the New Energies of whatever space I find myself in now: the Spiritual Concept of EQUALITY is paramount as an essential component and Law of the Universe. All are Equal, None are Superior or Inferior to Any Other, as all are simply on their own Path of Understanding, leading to their own Unique Destination Reality.

And maybe that's not the Ultimate Truth of the Universe, as I'm pretty positive that where I'm sitting in Awareness right now, I can't fathom anything close to the Full Scope of everything that is in existence and beyond, but I do know that in my heart I sense that I am in Full Command of my experiences each day, on a very base and primordial level. And I also sense that every other being I interact with each day is also capable (at least) and is certainly deserving to be as equally as in charge of their own experienced Reality.

To deny to another being even the very chance to be "correct" in their particular perspective of a physical life seems like a real tragedy to me. I mean, if that perspective is a right to cause and collect harm at all available opportunities, then I might not have such a thing in my own belief or experienced Reality, as I'd choose to never fully believe in it.

So it'd never cross my path in this, my perception I call my Personal Reality.

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