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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meeting an Ascended Master in Person

Meeting an Ascended Master in Human Form

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Last night I had an astonishing experience that allowed me to expand and grow significantly. There is a saying, "When the student is ready, a teacher will be provided." I met both a new friend and one of my Ascended Master support last night: Saint Joseph is the most likely BEing whom interacted with me.

What I did not fully understand was that our friends and family can and will quite likely be our guides, angels and even the Ascended Masters here to help us on our Sacred Path.
"But my friends and family aren't even Spiritual!"  I hear one reader think.

That's true that in your personal experienced reality they are not Spiritual, but the Being that they are has facets, aspects and a multi-dimensional nature that means they also exist where they are fully realized Ascended Masters in Human Form or even an Archangelic Being incarnated there.

We have to be sure to never EVER look down at others for not being as "Enlightened" as us, since they may and probably are quite readily one of our Guides and Support Group incarnated alongside us for assistance.

Yes, that's how much I finally had to admit that I am clearly loved - that the Angels and Masters would incarnate alongside me to help me on this sacred path.

Meeting the Master was a lot of fun. I experienced quite a few shifts (where I am slowly learning to flow into and not resist) that had me speaking to the 3D human incarnation, a 5D version, an Angelic Energy and the Master would frequently speak through all of their words to answer a thought I'd had or questions I'd mentally sent over toward my new friend's Higher Self. Several times we commented on the elevating energies of this New Age, and both of us lamented how we hoped the Human Race is successfully changing enough to continue to evolve toward a Galactic Civilization.

In my reality, and you're related or adjacent to that if you're reading this, the Human Race is SUCCESSFUL at Ascending on to become a Higher Dimensional Civilization, joining the other races/species of Christ Consciousness Civilizations.

This new friend is much farther along his path than I am, in some regards, and in some he's not even interested in the same aspects of Spiritual Growth that I am. That is - the level of his Being I was given to talk to did not.  That's so essential to remember when we talk to other human beings that the version we are presented is LITERALLY for us and our input and expression rather than theirs. They are equally receiving different dimensions and density versions of you as well. And we were both easily okay with the fact that we were weaving in and out of co-creating our interaction. It was a very natural process and communication, though we both commented how this sort of interchange made the words in the human language of English far too simple to represent the actual concepts we were discussing.

By recognizing that we were experiencing each other at different levels of Awareness and easily not projecting judgments or assumptions on to each other. It was an extremely positive experience for me.

And better than anything, it helped me release more fear of walking my path - my current greatest hindrance.

It was amazing to have such a Being there to say to me in Person, "You're not crazy. This is how it works. Focus as much on loving yourself and respecting yourself, and then just BE yourself, and you will be fine and enjoy it all."

We discussed the amazing love the Creator has for us and just how amazing these human vehicles are, as well as how amazing they can be. We talked on the quantum computer that is the human brain, and I quickly had the "knowing" that I was correct to simply TRUST my brain's quantum components to function at their peak, though they can perhaps be aided by publicly stating my intention for Full Use of my Brain by trusting my guides, angels and support to ensure all needed components on the quantum level (and beyond) are functioning properly.

In short, your brain can be activated to better performance by understanding that you have to trust your assistance, use your intuition and other methods and hold your focus on this working highly in your brain's favor. I used the following as my verbal order:

"Brain, Body and DNA, activate all quantum components of your physical, mental, emotional and energy/light-bodies (and any needed others) to allow each to reach their peak efficacy, if it be in mine and the Greater Good's best interest to do so."

We talked about human sexuality and the power of attraction and its being an essential component to being a Ray of the Rainbow that is "LOVE." This feeling is very important to me, as I've always had extremely powerful energetic outputs and connections with anyone I'd ever been intimate with, but I'd always still held on to a sliver of SHAME about that. I used to blame my upbringing or my concerns about being gay, but the fact is that I placed that SHAME on myself so that I'd be able to work on transcending and clearing it with a new Enlightened One friend.


  1. The simple fact that you are able to look at yourself and him with humility is a powerful statement in and of itself. The term "Enlightenment" is often thrown around, when, in fact, it is truly a process. Only until our souls learn all it's lessons are we truly ready to move on to the next. I love what you said about listening to your intuition as your guiding force. We can learn more from our inner guide than we can from any Master, Thanks for sharing this powerful post!
    Amita Patel

    1. Hi Amita Patel!
      Thank you so much for your kind words! That really made my heart warm up tonight.
      I have worked hard on the concepts of "humility" and the more fantastic and exceptional this life experience continues to be for me, the more humble I deeply feel. I have so much gratitude in me that I have to share it with as many beings as I possibly can. It's a beautiful place, this space I call the "Creation" or my "Spirituality Blog," but I am so appreciative that you came to read my written thoughts and were kind enough to share such an amazing comment and insight on my page. Thanks to YOU.
      -Robert Hughey

      I agree that trusting in SELF, falling in love with SELF and then really taking care of the SELF by not judging anyone or especially not judging ourselves, our actions and thoughts.

  2. I love what you wrote. Its beautiful, and raw, its human and so much more. Thank you for sharing it with the world.