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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Energetic Update: Do you Feel the New Energy around you?

Do You Feel the New Energy Around and Within You? 

Embrace the permanent reality of the successfully placed and activated Ascension Grid that has essentially ensured the connection of all members of the Human Race to the Planet, allowing for a VERY conscious awareness of the energies and Consciousnesses that are involved in the current mission that many call "the Divine Plan."

Ascension Energy - Ascending Process

New Earth Energy Grid

There is a new energetic field that currently surrounds you, is innervating every cell of your body and is connecting to all parts around, within and through the Planet Earth. It is equally connecting to the physical/material world as it is connecting to all parts and fields of every member of the Human Race here on the Planet.

If you are sensitive to the energetic fields around you, then you've surely noticed that this past Equinox was something New. What has happened is that the Higher Planes/Realms channeled a HUGE amount of Divine Love-Energy (also called SOURCE energy or Pure Etherial Energy) that was purposed to create and augment through many diverse but interestingly similar networks that run through and on this Planet.  Most of the networks that are currently the most observable have been created by Lightworkers who are fulfilling their Purpose for incarnating during this time, at this place.

As you read this, do you remember a time recently where you connected to someone in an extremely beautiful and "real" manner? Even if you're not aware of your Gifts, perhaps you'll understand that what you were doing energetically was "connecting" to that person, forming a part of the human grid that helped lay the foundation for the current field to be put in place.

What is the Purpose of the New Energy Grid?

There are some amazing things coming and that can be done because of this New Grid, of which the most important in my personal opinion is it lays a lattice around and through all of us and all of the space around and within Planet Earth for the very real and very near Physical Ascension of Planet Earth.

There's a lot of ways to view what is coming.  The network is now actively an integral part of the energy ley lines, nodes and pathway system of all parts of all things on this planet.  This has been prepared and been setting up for a very long time now, and many of the beings who were instrumental in laying connections or connecting the nodes had very little conscious awareness of doing so in their 3D human lives.

How interesting. The human race tends to be asleep most of the time, which is okay of course if that's required of any particular being's path, but I always find it so interesting when a human who seems so "simple" or maybe "not anything special" might turn out to be the fundamental energetic hub of an entire metropolitan area, fundamentally imparting salvation and divine energetic support even to millions and millions of people. And here that amazing shining human being, for the most part and most of the time, has not idea of his or her Role in such a process.

One in particular I'm thinking of, the Spiritual Sacred Heart of the city of Atlanta, just usually feels that he's sending the Holy Spirit's unique and growing energy in him out to the city around him by way of the human-created electronic and frequency networks (power lines/ wi-fi) and the Earth's natural pathways (ley lines, quartz veins).  He has no concept of how important he has been.

Well, with this message in this blog he will at least recognize the possibility of his energetic role in aiding and working for the betterment of the Humans around him...



Greetings and Good Day, Ascending Human. Time for some of these concepts and interesting ideas to become very concrete in your waking human experienced reality. There's a Real Need for you to enact a bit of energetic work to yourself, your local space on Earth and your human vehicle. Here will be some suggested energetic exercises that merely take the form of some visualizations and spending some time thinking and imagining some potentialities and possibilities.

Father than attempt to try to explain the Planetary Ascension Process in small ways (that might just sound scary or weird if taken as Absolute rather than Conceptual Facts), I want to ask you a series of questions and invite you to quickly use your imagination to answer.  When you think of an answer to these questions, imagine that some energy from your creative imagination leaves your body and goes straight down into the Earth beneath you.

If you do this, you're connecting into the network consciously, helping to assist the Process that will be the greatest accomplishment

1)  What is the "space" that Earth (with us on it) finds itself currently? I call it the "3rd Dimension," but what is the higher dimensional space around it feel like? Do you believe it's possible that all this energy that is in the current Astronomical location where Earth is traveling through could be having a very real impact on the Human Race and the Planet as a whole? Could that be related to this New Energy Grid that has successfully (and permanently) placed around and within all of us? Can you imagine that the successful activation and implementation of the New Energy Grid could be the best possible outcome for the greatest success of mankind?

2) Say that someone was wanting to move the entire Earth and all of Her residents to a different "space," and say that someone was benevolent and really didn't want to hurt anyone (in fact, was trying to save as much as possible by doing this move). Can you imagine that as Possible?

3) What if the Earth wasn't originally expected or meant to be quite as dense as it currently is? Do you think it's possible something happened that might have damaged the space around and within this planet, causing it to be such an incredibly low density place?  Is there any validity to the idea that Earth is being "pulled back up" to a higher density existence through the efforts of millions of benevolent and very much related angelic, galactic and celestial beings?  Can you imagine that as Possible?

Can you imagine taking those Possibilities and imagine them as physical balls of energy that are sent to the New Earth Energy Grid to be absorbed, understood and seen as intentions for your experienced Reality? If so, then apply these ideas to some time spent relaxing and visualizing. This would be an amazing way to effect a very conscious connection to the New Earth Energy Grid.

And Trust Me, you want to be as consciously aware of your growing permanent connection to this Grid. It's that important, that benevolent, that Divine and that "good" for you and for all of us.

And, most of all, it'll be the most fun to be aware and really notice what the New Energies are bringing through for you and for the Planet Earth and all her inhabitants.

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