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Friday, March 21, 2014

An Observation. March 21, 2014.

An Observation

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

March 21, 2014

An observation. Feel free to share if this resonates with you.

Some say if you don't like the life you live, then you should change it. Others say you have to change the way you feel about your current life before anything will favorably change. I can see the merit in both ideas, but altering the core of my beliefs about myself and my life is easier said than done, isn't it?

I've been thinking about the ways I spend my emotional and intellectual energy. Thatis, I've been noticing exactly what I spend most of my time thinking about.
And I've come to this conclusion:

It's amazingly wasteful to spend so much of our lives wishing we were doing "other" or "better" things, living different lives, comparing ourselves to the expectations of what we believe "others" prefer, noticing how any particular glass is partially empty or how we haven't "succeeded" in some particularly specific manner... Nothing ever productive or remotely enjoyable comes from even acknowledging that somehow we are "lacking" in what could allow us to really appreciate ourselves or give ourselves credit for any sort of progress we make.

If we'd only just lovingly redirect even a small piece of all that expended energy toward ourselves, being thankful for all the very real riches and abundance that's gifted to us, noticing how the world around us literally bows to our wishes as we shape things to our preferences, expressing gratitude to ourselves, our loved ones and the very planet we're made from, noticing that even a glass with no water is still completely full of life-giving air, seeing that what is perceived as "lack" is really just stimulation for a new and powerful desire that inspires us to new actions, experiences and wonderful expansive thoughts and existence... If we altered our thinking just part of the time, even to just believe "hey, I imagine I could feel that way," I wonder how much different our perspectives might change.

I suspect making the choice to feel such appreciation might have consequences we'd find exceedingly favorable.
There's really nothing wrong with just deciding that the life we have today, in this specific moment, in this day and age, is pretty much the absolute best possible life we could ask for - no matter the difficulties, tragedies or traumas we've endured. It's always potentially going to be better. It's always going to be about how we perceive the whole experience anyway.

Whether we live one lifetime or reincarnate for all eternity, it's still going to end up being about how much love you experienced, produced, cultured and shared. And that all starts with loving SELF and the life that SELF has. There's not really any other option: we live the life, so why even bother to exist if not to appreciate what is and could be quite awesome about that life?

You know, I enjoy focusing a lot of my energy toward whatever we want to call that which put us here in the so-called "life experience" - some say God, some say Fate - I say "All of the Above and More." But that expansive, multidimensional "thing" really created an absolute masterpiece that we simply call the "human life experience." Of all the possible existences in this whole Universe, it seems to be something like no other.

For better or worse, it's amazing to be a piece of the Universe that is actually able to look back at the larger picture of everything and tell it, "hey, at the very least, thanks for the experience." It may be uncomfortable during the times when we grow, but what a fulfillment it can be to dare to be thankful to be "only human." How fulfilling it is to be the gardener of Eden, even though most of the time we don't even realize that's where we are.

Namaste, my wandering friends. 

Hope your travels across this place we call "the world" are leading you to the experience of your fondest dreams.



  1. Hi Robert,
    Nice to meet you...
    Is there any way to read this without a facebook acct?
    I've really enjoyed reading your posts
    Especially the most recent about the Archangeloi
    Really struck a chord deep within
    many Blessings,

    1. Hi Jess.
      I just posted the text from this to this page, so you can read it here without having a facebook account. Thank you for writing.