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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Working with the Flow

Working with the Flow

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

I have spent so much of my sacred breath speaking words against holding judgement for others, and this week the Universe is giving me a hyper-lesson on the importance of learning to stop judging MYSELF. With Mercury's retro phase closing, I suddenly realize that I found myself back in old "habits" or "behaviors" because it is a time of revisiting these sorts of things.

Why? Best I can figure is that I'm being given an opportunity to now look at myself and my actions and actually forgive them, cease all negative judgements and assumptions about what I think I'm doing and what is beyond my logical mind's ability to comprehend. I'm being given an opportunity to RELEASE...

...all I have to do is get off my High Horse and quit looking down at myself like I'm a roach scurrying across the floor. If I can see the Divine in every being I meet, then I sincerely should be sure to give my SELF the same respect. If I see God in all and bow before them ("Thy Will Be Done"), why couldn't I look in the mirror at that man I've known since birth and afford him the same solemn love and support. Usually, I strive to be delightful to others, how interesting it is that the Universe is delighting in expending energy to help me heal wounded parts of myself that I'd basically written off as "worthless."

But... Nothing is worthless in this Universe, is it? Nothing is wasted. No action is done without reason, and not even a single part of SELF is wasted or ever lost. Not really...

For me, the current energies are more gentle than they've ever been before. The strange thing is that I can sense they are stronger than I've ever encountered, but as I'm finally starting to set aside ego's judging logical mind, I find I'm working with the flow much more often than working against it. It's amazing how much better that feels too.

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