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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Transcending Human Logic

Transcending Human Logic

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

      "On the quest to achieve the bliss of Enlightenment, there will come many times when the ego's logical and analytic brain will cause great difficulty when the realities faced, the techniques used or the advice you will receive is far fetched or extremely foreign to your life experiences. 

Left unchecked, the human logical mind will become a block for you, have no doubt about that, but I learned recently that an excellent way to get such a block out of your Way is to decide to not fight or overcome human logic, but simply expand the parameters of understanding what makes something logically sound. 

If encountering those particulars of Spirit that always seem to exist right beyond rational comprehension, then change what one considers potentially fit in that box labeled "what I comprehend rationally." Maybe create a new box labeled "what I need not call rational or irrational." Maybe... do without labels altogether.

Hmm, and we could do without trying to organize all our mental and emotional processes into so many square little boxes too, couldn't we?

As with basically everything we ever experience in this place we call our Reality, creating your own rules regarding the way things are explained or utilized is surprisingly powerful in allowing your mind to flow through concepts that might otherwise impair your growth and spiritual evolution."

That's my two cents on the matter, at least.

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