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Monday, February 17, 2014

Human Contact in TRUTH

Human Contact in TRUTH

by Karen Doonan:

Posted: February 13, 2014 | Author: Karen Doonan | Filed under: expansion, LOVE, multi dimensional, New Earth Reality, radio show, TRUTH CODES, universe of 3 | Tags: ascension, crystalline sanctuary, emotions, human life, karen doonan, LOVE, TRUTH, universe of 3 |

For those of you who listened to BEYOND THE LOOKING GLASS last night (12th Feb) the “challenge” for this next few linear days is to reach out physically to those who are around you and to HUG those that you love. When was the last time you hugged someone to let them know that you cared? I am not necessarily talking about romantic relationships, indeed the old 3d earth created reality “allows” physical contact within this concept. I am talking about close friends and family. When was the last time you hugged your mother or your father or your sister or your brother?

Perhaps as you read my words you are triggered immediately and you are now “defending” the family you have incarnated into, “our family dont do this”, ” this is not tolerated in our family” etc. I would remind you gently that YOU came here in order to BREAK THE KARMIC CHAINS and many of you incarnated into families deliberately to address issues such as these.

From a personal point of view I was born into one such family where general hugs for the sake of hugging was not something that was accepted. When my mother fell ill I remember my sister making a comment after visiting her in hospital one day, my sister had leaned over the bed to give my mother a hug and she noted that she (my mother) had felt slightly uncomfortable with this. My mother was a very “closed” person, by that I mean she kept her feelings very close and never openly showed emotions, always with a smile on her face despite at many times falling apart inside. It was my mother who did not feel very comfortable and my sister was picking up on this.

Fast forward to our mother passing away and my sister and I are very different in how we greet each other. We hug each other freely with no awkwardness, both of us in our lives having experienced the sudden loss and anchoring the knowing that the moment is THIS moment. No matter how “awkward” you feel try to move past this, it soon becomes something you become comfortable with and a hug says a thousand words.

My son came into this human life experience hugging all those around him, indeed he moved my mother out of her comfort zone at all times, he would run up to her and throw his arms around her, he was one person she opened to and that of course is down to the frequency that he runs and carries. Even now to this day he will hug me and tell me he loves me, never in public mind you but that is an age thing at this time. If you do not show your children that hugging and expressing emotion is a natural part of the human life experience then they will begin to close it down, they will FEEL the teaching that is attempting to play out and they will begin to anchor it and then of course filter their life experience through this teaching.

It is a NATURAL part of the human life experience to show and express emotion and “lack” of human contact has adverse affects on the human energy system. The human vehicle is “hard wired” for touch and for expressing of emotion, what you are TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created reality are ways of closing this NATURAL process down and distorting it.

So for the next few linear days reach out to those around you and begin to get “comfortable” with hugging those closest to you. Again like the previous ”challenge”, telling those around you that you love them, please do this consciously, it has become an accepted “social grace” to kiss and hug those you meet but this is done at a very detached level. Begin to become more conscious with your interactions with those around you, when you talk with someone then look at them consciously, make eye contact and begin to get more comfortable with this. This is a process of RE-CONNECTION to ALL and this must also happen at a physical level, this is not something that can be ankhored only at a SOUL level and a “spiritual” level, indeed there are many “spiritual” teachings that are highly distorted teachings that seek to separate these connections.

ALL ARE CONNECTED TO ALL, this is not for only certain people, certain ethnicities or certain sections of human society. ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE CONNECTED AT ALL LEVELS of BEing. The ascension process seeks to help you anchor this TRUTH at all levels of your BEing including the waking conscious human level.



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