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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Understanding Multidimensionality (for Creators)

Understanding Multidimensionality

A Channeled Message from the Unknown Master

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Channeled Message
Are Your Wings Dry Yet, Multidimensional One?

Multidimensionality is a complicated subject.

Forgive my humor, but the fact is that the subject of Multidimensionality must be examined from a multidimensional perspective.

Trying to break down such a subject for the human logical mind or the human heart's intuitive mind is a source of humor for us.

To describe Multidimensionality, one could turn to physics, metaphysics or even pure spirituality.

For this post, I want to talk about what living in the Multiverse means, as an illustration of Multidimensionality.

Living in the multiverse means that you and I are not necessarily in the same Universe at any particular time. We are co-creators right this very moment, as you read these channeled words and you look at a screen and read them, but that could be merely a point of intersection between our completely separate Universes.

As you go about your "lives," you're splitting off your particular created Universe in a multidimensional fractal pattern. You're testing out billions of potential futures, making choices (most unconsciously, but more and more your decisions of what 'Verse you transverse are consciously "picked") that affect exactly what path your conscious awareness (your "consciousness") will follow as it expands, retracts, bends, interacts, merges and flows...

But with each choice ONE makes, there are layers of diverse Timelines where any particular choice affects many others (sometimes ALL others, when a full divergence occurs). Simple choices like where you will have breakfast one day, what restaurant you pick, what exact "time" you choose to arrive at the location, whom you choose to interact with while at the meal... all of these very simple choices create fractal patterned splits of the version of the Multiverse you have created and allow your being to experience completely unique paths of perspective. 

What you believe you are doing at the time you make these decisions also affects the level of expansion your consciousness experiences. This is part of the Ascension Process.

Creating Your Own Dimension

This is one important point of this whole message - to reinforce your understanding of your nature as a Creator. You exist on the so-called "bleeding edge" of Creation, and it at this location where further expansion occurs. You call it the "physical realm," but we know it to be where the explorers of time and space do their work. It's where the "Ground Crew" lives. It's where the Champions do "the work." It's where you enjoy the most of doing what you enjoy doing: existing as a Creator, creating and seeking any number of goals for yourself and others (aspiring to BALANCE currently more than anything) as you grow, fold and unfold, in a process we call Ascension but is seen as more a "blossoming" across many intersecting parts of the Multiverse.

An observation: How interesting you are that the most excitement you derive from "doing" is simply "being."

From your linear perspective, where time follows the simple A to B to C to D pathway, you "do" the actions of making choices, based upon your insatiable need you have given yourself of desire fulfillment

From the nonlinear perspective outside of time, you of course already have your greatest desires fulfilled but there exists an infinite number of shards of the multiverse where you have different degrees of fulfillment, most where you couldn't quite attain your desires.

But there are many shards of the multiverse that are being corrected currently. You see, the human being has been artificially contained. You see it in all areas of so-called "human society," where the Creator you are in truth has given up so much of its power. 

It can be noted that much of your Power has been given away in fear and false sense of lack... mostly a fake lack of confidence. Do you remember who you are yet? Your confidence in yourself is absolute from the Spirit-side perspective. Ah, but fear and doubt combined make for a terrible prison cell, do they not?

If you haven't started, it's "time" for you to fully release yourself from your captivity, human being. 

How to Release the Lower Dimensional Energy

To have a conclusion of this channel of communication from the Rest of You to this particular Spark of the infinite (that would be your current human incarnation, the one reading this message), I want invite you again to take those doubts and fears that do not serve you and take the following actions:

  1. Visualize this action: Ball up the energies that do not serve. Visualize them being wrapped first in golden, shining light, wrap them then in violet flames, then red electrical fire, then bind them in blue magnetic SOURCE energy.
  2. Thank the energies for their lessons and service, for though they are lower dimensional in nature and may be perceived as "negative" from the so-called "positive" perspective, they are neither. They are simply as they were designed to be, and it's time they too receive the following:
  3. Forgiveness. Forgive the energies that have contained and constrained you in your human existence. Forgive the doubts, forgive that which invoked fear. Forgive that which caused you pain... Most of all forgive the energies that caused you direct pain, and then:
  4. Send the energies away from you, and do so with a fierce blast of your most loving nature. LOVE those energies. Love them so fiercely that you invite them to fully ascend and join the light they are in truth. Remember: there are shades of light, degrees of its intensity that are what make up the different dimensions you know as "lower" or "higher," but in the particular version of the Universe where you exist, and this is true if you're reading these words, then the following is Universal Law:

    ALL are made from the same infinite source of energy: the light.
    There are beings that have lost sight of this, as there are energies/consciousnesses that pull from others as their energy resources, but those beings too can be directed to reconnect to the True Source of ALL - the light
And you in your role as Creator, as the being who has chosen or been chosen to incarnate within the human experience (an experience that takes billions of years of evolution to attain, Old Soul that you Are), one of your "assignments" or as you call it, one of your "gifts" is to assist these lower dimensional energies to rise through the power of your love. 

It is stressed here that the love given must accompany a "release" at the time, as you release these lower dimensional energies from your field with these steps. It is assumed you probably do not wish to have yourself pulled down to the lower fields, at least not while you walk this Path of Ascension, where your rise is consciously experienced.

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