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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Responsibility and the New Earth

by Karen Doonan

Originally posted on Karen's WordPress Blog:
Many of you at this time may be in much chaos,  many of you may be scratching your heads in total confusion as to what is unfolding upon and within planet earth at this time.  Under the old 3d earth at ALL times you were TAUGHT to hand over responsibility for your actions and your thoughts to those around you. This is a very, very deep teaching and one that may be blinding many of you at this moment in this your human life experience.   It is a constant exercise to begin with to accept responsibility for your own actions and thoughts as the teaching seeks to place "blame" for all that occurs around you, through you and within you at the feet of others.

Personally I have just experienced this, in my outer waking life there are many who would have me believe that they understand me beyond where they actually do.  It is to be noted that the universe AND YOUr SOUL will check with you at a human conscious waking mind level to see how much you have shifted your frequency, especially when you reach the denser lower dimensional frequencies. Many of you may still be looking to those around you to somehow "help" you achieve your dreams, you may be "waiting" on people, "waiting" on situations unfolding etc and all is but illusion for the only person YOU are "waiting" for in TRUTH is SELF.
This may trigger many of you for this is a huge teaching that is anchored throughout the old 3d earth paradigms and as with all teachings that seek to STAY anchored they will blind when first uncovered.  Let us look at a scenario to help you further with this, it may be that you are waiting for someone to give you information and you may be in total chaos when this person is either evasive or the scenario does not unfold that allows for the person to give you information in the LINEAR time frame you expect it. In this scenario you are being shown YOUr OWN power, why would someone EXTERNAL to SELF have information when YOU are eternal?  The very fact that the scenario does not unfold shows it is not TRUTH for ONLY TRUTH is supported in the New Earth. Many of you at this time are focusing on that which is DISSOLVING and not that which remains. It may be that very little remains, it matters not for NOTHING from 3d earth can be taken into the New Earth. At this time upon planet earth you are simply asked to CREATE FOUNDATIONS for the New Earth human life experience.
No one else can walk this path FOR YOU, in fact at many places on this journey they cannot even walk alongside you. Each person in human form upon and within this planet creates their OWN reality, yes it overlaps and APPEARS to interact with those around them but the reality is PERSONAL to ALL levels. No one is going to come along and give you permission to live your life, to change your life or to be YOU, if you are "waiting" on external verification then you will be waiting for the rest of your incarnation for this is not TRUTH and is not supported by the New Earth.
Many people who know me ASSUME that as a channel I have all the answers, if I had all the answers at a human conscious waking mind level then I would perhaps not be in human form for it would negate my very presence on this planet and it would negate me CREATING my own life experience. At SOUL level of course I have all the answers as YOU have all the answers, but the teachings of the old 3d earth will try to PREVENT me from accessing them as they prevent ALL from accessing their SOUL and TRUTH.  The old 3d earth is akin to a two year old child who is having a temper tantrum, those of you who are parents will relate to the need to DETACH from a two year old doing this. If you give in at any time during the tantrum their power is re-inforced as they then realise that just going on with the tantrum for longer will see you give in. It is EXACTLY the same principle with the old 3d earth. It will try to throw a "tantrum" and it will do all it can to try to persuade you to give it the power back. If you give in then you STRENGTHEN the old 3d earth teachings that run within you.
Many of you may be confused by this, after all if the old 3d earth is dissolving surely you just need to sit back and wait long enough and this is a teaching that is blinding many at this time. YES the old 3d earth is dissolving but what about the old 3d earth frequencies that you have been TAUGHT to anchor within SELF? ONLY YOU can dissolve these ones. Externally the old 3d earth frequencies are struggling to gain any hold but internally, within YOUr own personal human vehicle they run on. Ignoring them and expecting someone else to do the work for you will see you blind and will see you in much confusion and chaos for you will be unable to manifest ANYTHING but more chaos from these frequencies. The New Earth frequencies that are now anchored fully upon and within planet earth only supporting TRUTH. ALL that is NOT TRUTH CANNOT manifest, all that IS WILL manifest.
This has drawn many down in frequency as the frustration builds and things APPEAR to come to a halt, it is to be noted that the New Earth does not support linear in any shape or form. Again this seeks to blind for many of you are probably questioning me at this point and THINKING "ok so how do i go to work if i dont anchor linear". All the while blind to the fact that going to work has NOTHING to do with a linear concept, work JUST IS, your resonance with it is what changes, you experience it to a new level. ONLY the human logical mind attempts to put experience in a linear order and this is a TAUGHT behaviour.  It is perfectly possible to interact with those around you who ARE in linear whilst being outside of linear yourself.  Remember YOU create your reality at all moments and it is PERSONAL, linear does not have to dissolve outwith of SELF for it is created INSIDE of SELF at all times by your mind. It does not exist anywhere else other than your logical mind.
At this time many are turning on those around them, anger is heightened as frustration builds, ALL anger is fear and the old 3d earth TAUGHT you lifetime after lifetime that you cannot live your dream and that others around you are competition and are somehow out to get you. This worked to provide the old 3d earth paradigms with the frequencies of fear needed to sustain them. At any moment of any moment you can CHOOSE peace, it is not something that is given TO YOU as much as it is CREATED WITHIN YOU. Just because the old 3d earth presented you with one kind of choice does not negate the TRUTH that there was more than the choice you were presented with, akin to a bully in the playground it did not suit old 3d earth to tell you about the other choices you have so it kept them hidden in plain view.
CHOOSE peace, CHOOSE LOVE, CHOOSE harmony and CHOOSE to accept full responsibility for them in your human life experience, many will show up to try to persuade you that you cannot have them, THEY ARE NOT YOU, only YOU ARE YOU and in by allowing someone else to make a choice for you then you give away your power in TRUTH.

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