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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Physical Ascension Symptom Relief

Physical Ascension: Relief is at Hand

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Physical Ascension, among many things, is of course a physical process, and at times there can be physical discomfort of varying degrees. As your spiritual ascension continues to accelerate, there is no need for the symptoms to reach the level of causing suffering to you. Here are some exercises and methods of attaining relief during times of energetic peaks.
Spiritual Ascension
Physical Ascension Symptom Relief
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This is the first time an entire blog post has been downloaded to me in one go during a meditation, so I ask for support and guidance to assist me in getting this very important information properly on the page.

Increase in Intensity: Physical Ascension Symptoms

First, a list of some common physical ascension symptoms that seem to be very common among those of us on the Path of Ascension currently.
  • Pressure of Pain on Chakra Centers, particularly the Heart and Crown. The pressure may "pop" at times. This may also increase to a burning sensation on these areas during energetic peaks, which are accelerating to even higher levels currently.
  • Temperature issues, parallel to "hot flashes" is the best way I can describe these sensations. 
  • Flu-like symptoms such as body aches or what is called "malaise," which I've always thought of as that feeling you get when sick where you just "feel bad" or "feel down." 
  • Varying degrees of sleepiness or lethargy. Guidance is that this is literally your body needing additional rest for the work it's doing during periods of high change. This will increase during periods of acceleration.
  • Dehydration. Varying degrees of extreme thirst.

Relief of Discomfort from Physical Ascension

  1. The greatest thing you can do if you are experiencing pain or discomfort to a level great enough to cause you suffering of any degree, is to literally ASK for RELIEF. In fact, let's collectively ask for that now. That's something I was given to do in this blog entry.

    So let's say out loud together the following. If you're in a place where you can't say this out loud, then with your mental voice, cast this out to the Universe:

    "Dearest Angels, my Guides and Sacred Entourage: I am so thankful to be on the Path of Ascension, but my symptoms are or could be inhibiting my growth and expansion if they are too severe. I ask that the acceleration of my Physical Ascension be nuanced in its increase in intensity, so that my body has time for adaptation without serious pain or suffering."

  2. Drink plenty of WATER. Seriously increase your intake of fluid at this time. Water is essential to the Process of Change that you are undergoing. My personal guidance is to literally double the amount of water I have been drinking, but I've only been taking in about six glasses a day. So 12 glasses of water a day seems to be a good amount of water, for me currently. Please ask your own guidance (yes, ask out loud, I'm talking to you, Dear Reader. Speak to them.) for the amount you should be increasing currently.

  3. Now this the one that came to me most strongly during my meditation, and to be honest, the information came so fast that it was a bit painful. So this will get a section of its own:
I ask for Guidance to Step in and take over here.
I step aside and welcome the Arcturian Collective.
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Frequency Elevation and Inhibiting Factors

Part of what you and so many others (eventually everyone) are currently experiencing, Dear One, are resonant dissonance between your human vehicle's frequency (it's level of vibration) and the energy that is carrying the "Program Instructions" for the physical changes. The energy coming into the Physical Realm currently, as many of the readers of these words already know, is SOURCE ENERGY. It is a Higher Energy, and it both seeks to raise your body's frequency as it imports these instructions.

(-These words are barely adequate to describe this process, Apprentice. Please go inside, deeper in trance, We want to assist you in further translating these concepts to your language.-)

Dear One, your physical body is merely an expression of energy. Like all energetic expressions, it has a vibrational frequency unique to the expression. You can call it a "level" if you will, though the reality is quite multi dimensional in scope. There are many inhibiting factors to raising this "level," but eliminating these "blockages" is the very subject of this Channel.

You must find the path of least resistance in all aspects of your physical life. This includes the increase of water intake, but also the experience will be heavily influenced by your intake of medicines, chemicals and foods. 

Please keep in mind that intake is not simply what you are eating, but it is also what you are BREATHING and what the largest organ of your body (your surface organ, your skin) absorbs through contact and exposure. Some of you reading this live in areas of High Pollution, and it is obviously a lower-dimensional energy within many of the physical chemistry (compounds/chemicals) within the physical space around you. This adds to your discomfort during peak periods of energetic download and physical alteration.

As the acceleration of your ascension continues to increase in scope, power and "level"
(---a word that triggers many to a different type of concept, Apprentice. Please consider using a synonym in translation. Let us help you: Your own mind has visions from a lifetime of... video games? Levels implies the human must ramp up or "level up" like a video game character. That's a good analogy of what many Dear Ones who read this are thinking at this point in reading the channel. The reality is more subtle. Consider the fact that the human vehicle is being brought into alignment with the higher dimensions, and therefore it is aligning with the higher vibration/frequency of the energy from SOURCE. Yes, we do prefer the use of the word, "alignment" in place of level. Please consider leaving this interaction in your publication of this document, as there are several Dear Ones attempting to broaden their communication with us and will benefit from seeing more of the ways you receive your instructions.---) the blockages are worked out as alignment occurs. This is experienced more as passing through a threshold or "portal" at times as well.

It is highly recommended to examine where in your 3D physical life that blockages are in place. It is important to note that what one compound inhibits in one of your human vehicles may not have the same effect on another. It is this reason that a list of compounds is not appropriate for this communication. It is unique to the unique divine individual. So as was recommended at the beginning of the Apprentice's communication, we remind you to communicate with your own personal guidance - with US - about what factors are causing you the discomforting symptoms associated with your physical change and energetic movement and expansion to the New Earth frequencies.

A Meditation Exercise will be forthcoming to assist in the elimination of blockages and further opening the path of least resistance.

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