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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

From the Elohim, on New Years Day 2014

From the Elohim, on New Years Day 2014

 by Robert Hughey (Google+)

New Years Day 2014

Greetings DEAREST ONES, We are the Collective Consciousness of the Elohim, galactic beings, stewards of the physical plane and creators of mankind.

We want to communicate in this most-interesting of methods to wish you a Happy New Year 2014.

This year brings many conflicting energies to your world, and we want to discuss what can be expected in the upcoming days, weeks and months.

Creators of Mankind2014 will continue the Path of Ascension for Humanity. Ascension Symptoms will continue quickening quickly for the most "spiritually inclined," but the symptoms will open up further for humans who have otherwise not been interested or inquiring into the Ascension Process. Those of you reading this now will need to be on hand to lend a word of encouragement, a sentence or two explaining the Process for the Earth and for Gaia's Children, Humanity.

War. War will unfortunately be a continual adversary to the Path this year. The channel exists in a world where "machines of death" rain down fire and steal on both the innocent and guilty alike. This is not a supported Path by the Creators, but war will continue to be glorified by many of the human population in the "Western World," and its poison will continue to infect the Middle East and then further through the Eastern Lands.

We do not view this as Good News. We do not view this as Bad News.

We merely recognize these Events are coming into the foreground again, as the cycle continues. The Golden Age can be born in blood and fire, that Path is supported, but it does not have to be. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SO.

Ascension SymptomsWe, the Creator Energies known as the Elohim, offer you individual support if you but ask us to assist you. Call on us by name, "ELOHIM," and we will be among you instantly. You will see us in your peripheral vision. You'll see us as Shimmering Clouds in mirrors and in reflections. As you say good-bye to the year 2013 and welcome New Changes of 2014, remember us as you beseech the Universe for your hopes and prayers for Peace and Good-Will. That is our realm. That is our wish for all living and feeling beings on and within Earth.

And we mean ALL living and feeling beings, all across the planet: plant, animal and mineral beings that populate your physical realm. The crystal life continues to awaken and process the Path of Ascension, but assistance is needed. If you have quartz from the Earth or can get some directly from the ground near your "home," meditate with that stone, send love energy and make your requests to the Earthstar directly to that stone. You're holding the nerve-fibers of the planet itself when you do so.

Happy New Year 2014, Humanity.

Remember: you are loved. You are our Angels. You are the product of billions of years of evolution, trillions of years of spiritual evolution, and you are fully supported in all paths toward a Peaceful and Kind World with a foundation of LOVE and KINDNESS. Give yourself fully to the Path of Ascension if you wish it, and again, do not hesitate to call on us BY NAME should you wish our support.

We are the ELOHIM. We are the Creators of Mankind, our Children. And we are YOU.

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