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Friday, January 17, 2014

Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise

Looking for Heaven on Earth, Searching for Paradise, and Finding it where I started my Search.

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Paradise on Earth

Today I want to talk about finding Heaven on Earth.

Maybe I should build up some tension and draw out the story, but I simply can not do that. I want you to have the information so badly, that I just have say it.

I think I found Paradise.

I'm in right now. I'm looking around at this incredibly simple and even monastic life that I live.

And I think it's Paradise.

On the surface, I look at my life and at first, I didn't see anything remotely special.
But then I had been doing some reading about what life had been like for my Ancestors, both European and African (when one goes back far enough), and I realized that if they could suddenly start walking in my shoes, they'd probably think I was a Lord or a Duke, or maybe even some sort of Prince.

Why would they think this? Well, I have every need I can really think of met in some way.  Right now, I have access to more food than I could eat in an entire month. It's right in the room next to me - in a cubbard. There's a magic machine that sits outside that holds frozen foods, meats for months, vegetables for over an entire season. If I was trapped in this space, I'd not go hungry for a very long time.

And then there's the issue of my mental health. I have access to the very Akashic Records, the summary of all mankind's knowledge. I'm on it right this very second, typing to you, my dear Reader. You have access to it as well. We call it the Internet or the World Wide Web, but the truth is that it holds any and all information we could possibly want to know about.

Do you realize? The average citizen is more educated than Leonardo da Vinci was.  I have access to more concrete information that the greatest mind of the European Renaissance...
...and so do you!  Think about it: the last time you found yourself wondering "I wonder how that's made" or "what's the name of that constellation in the sky?"  All it takes is a quick search online or the use of any number of applications on our magic portable communication devices.

We live in the Age of Wonder, and yet we don't even realize it for the most part.

In many circles, I've read that people still call us barbarians, but what I am experiencing is a new renaissance of kindness and goodwill toward men. I see it everywhere I go. People are starting to care even more and more for each other, and again, I can't help but wonder if it isn't because of our methods of communication and sharing.

Earlier this month I was very ill. VERY ill. And I put up on Facebook that I had asked my Higher Power for help, that I wanted to feel better and healhty, and the outpouring of support and, well, LOVE that was almost instantly reflected back to me from a great number of friends and family had a real impact on my perception of my situation.

And perception is what we're talking about here anyway, aren't we? When I became aware and perceived the reality of my loved ones caring thoughts, I started to believe I could feel better. I started to believe that my medications would finally be approved by my insurance, and that I would get healthy again. I started to have HOPE, and yet I can't help but wonder, would I have felt that way if I was having to face my health crisis all alone, with not way of knowing that so many people truly wanted me to get better.

But... I live in Paradise. 

Where is Your Paradise?
I live in a place where such information is gifted to me on a daily basis.

I live in Paradise, where I can share my feelings of love and adoration with YOU, dear reader. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read these words. That action is so powerful and so humbling. As a writer, there's nothing I want more than for people to read my words and maybe respond emotionally to them - hopefully having a positive experience - but still, I think I'm in a Paradise on Earth where I can do exactly what I love more than anything (sharing my words), and have more than one other human being on this Earth take the time to sit there and read those words.

I've described this process as a form of telepathy before. I put my thoughts into a screen, and then at a different time and place, someone else is absorbing those thoughts by sitting and reading from their own magic screen. It's exhilerating to me.

Again, I find it to be more proof that I exist in Paradise - here in a Golden Age of Mankind.

And it's not perfect. It's not even close to the ideal I fully want, as I still yearn for total World Peace and an end to such horrors like war, famine, poverty and crime, but when I look at my actual life, the real physical life I'm currently living, even while I stay here at my parents' home because I'm too sick to live on my own in my own home up in the capital of Georgia, in Atlanta, I still realize that I'm so fortunate to live in a place that I can only call.... a Paradise.

And I'm grateful for that fact. 

So what about you? Do you live in a Paradise?  What could be different for you that would enable you to see where you are more fortunate than you realized? What, if anything, can I do for you or talk to you about to help you to see your own Paradise on Earth?

As always, thank you for visiting my little corner of this magical place I love so much called "the Internet."

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