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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Me

Is Your Love, Unconditionally

For Love with No Boundaries

Pays Me My Very Salary

And with Unyielding Support

We Can Harbor at Any Port

No Storm, Our Vessel Could Capsize

Our Arrival Assured, Oh Look, No Sailor Dies

Love Me like the Goddess Loves Her Baby Child

And I will Love You: Signed, Sealed and Filed

And Write Bad Poetry All the Day Long

About How I love you too, maybe even in Song

And You'll Forgive My Very Poor Verse

As We Travel, in this, My Universe

Trying to Understand the Depths of this Love

Failing, Constantly, to Capture that particular Dove

But Poor though my Verse May Be in Part

Let is Symbolize a Man's Never-Yielding Heart

For Poetry was Never my Strong Suit

But loving, with No End, Has fully Taken Root.


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