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Monday, December 23, 2013

My Fear of Success

My Fear of Success

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Full of Fear, Full of Potential
A Writer with Fear in His Heart

I have a deep-seated fear of attaining personal success.

Ah, how good it feels to admit that out loud. As I sit here writing, I talk to the Universe, you see. I literally just said, "I have a deep-seated fear of attaining personal success." And admitting that reality, well wow, somehow it's not quite so deep-seated anymore.

My personal fear of my success comes from a very real knowledge of my potential. I think it's the same potential that exists in every human being, that potential for greatness, that ability to tap into the Source of All-Knowledge that I can only call the God of my Own Understanding. As a member of this species, we are unique in our ability to see a goal in mind, plan out the steps to reach it, and then start walking down that Path.

And for me? Well, I dream big. Really big. Cosmic-Level Big. And I asked with humility for the Universe to help me see a Pathway to reaching these Cosmic-Level World-creating sort of Goals that I dare to dream (World Peace, All realizing their inner-divinity, Negativity to No Longer Take Root when thrown at Anyone... Ever. Simple, really.).  And if anyone reading this has also asked the Universe to humbly help him or her make a plan.

Well, the Universe seems to be more glad to help the human being help himself than anything else, doesn't it?

For me personally, my guidance was quite simple in its profundity.

"You live in a place where it's said first there was the Word, and the Word was God. The Creator. And you spend your days and nights writing and writing, oh wordsmith and writer. Write of worlds where war is considered abomination instead of gays and lesbians, and Spin a Tale of a great struggle overcome when the Hero realizes no other being in Creation can force him to self-doubt, self-hate or self-struggle other than she Herself. Use the power of being a weaver of words, human being, and worlds are created from your dreams if they are deemed of merit.

And they are, human being. 

We're waiting for you to simply ask us to help you create these worlds."

Fear Fear Fear...

Full of Potential
Sharing Something Personal Seems to Help

So what do I do when the guidance is so clear? I do what I only can do.

I come here to this page and put words on it, then send the words out into the world.

Do you, dear reader, have any advice for a writer with worlds in his head but a real block on sharing them with the rest of the world?

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