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Saturday, December 28, 2013

I Invoke the Violet Flame

I invoke the violet flame.

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Burn violet flame. Burn Burn Burn... Transmute the negative and only leave that which is supposed to be prevalent in my energy field...
Transmutation with the Violet Flame
Violet Flame Invocation

Oh, there's a message and a story that's coming through now. This is going to end up on my blog, so I'll say that now, but this was an email to a Dear Friend originally, so if it seems like a personal hello... then take it as a Personal Hello...


Here goes...

Today's message was "healing is available to those that heal themselves," or "help yourself so others may help you." I was given a lot of medicines today to help fight this infection that has been sticking around for... a long time... but this time it wasn't a "mystery" at the doctor's office. It was easily identified, and everyone was confident I'd be feeling better in "no time."
And since there is no "soon," or "later" but there is only NOW, I now feel much better. So your intention to help me helped me more than you ever realized. That's how I usually operate too. I have the intention for something and then it manifests...quickly. I have to recognize that to be just as quick as I think it is.
Ah, I love this magical reality I exist in. I'm currently "stationed" at a location where the people around me aren't always aware of the magic surrounding them. And that's okay, they don't have to be. Luckily, it's not my job to show them. It's just my job to love them with this fiery heart of mine that keeps growing and growing. 
Oh, the power of this love. My heart chakra PULSES now... it ripples through my body and then through any room I stand in, and I can mentally control it like never before.
I walk in a room and PULSE that sacred heart chakra, and people visibly change right in front of me.
It's intoxicating, and it's been shown to me that it's a power I'm given to use as much as I want to... to just LOVE at people, and then watch them change.

I love it most to watch them smile when they were just frowning.
And sometimes.... sometimes they know it was me. 

That's satisfying for me. 

They don't always know, of course, but sometimes they'll know. Recently I walked in a gas station, PULSED at the room, walked up to the counter and the man had everything I needed already lined up at the counter waiting on me. Every proper brand, every item. I said, "oh, just what I needed," and he smiled at me and said, "oh, I felt you come in. I know exactly who walked in to my door today."  
And so I got everything I needed, all lined up perfectly for me, and then I left, and that day I remember thinking, "who in the World did he think I was? And how did he know what I needed so perfectly?" But now.... oh... now I see that when I step aside and let my SOUL do the driving, people notice that SOUL. OH how they notice it... it's magnificent... this sparkling divine spark that lives in me, this infinite piece of the infinite that lives right here in my very heart of hearts. 
And how different is my whole perspective on occasions like this one?! I used to think that feeling great about stuff like that happening was wrong and selfish. UGH. It is only selfish of me to be so proud of it if I think "oh, I should feel bad about that," but when I think "no, I should be proud of having this soul. I should be happy about it and enjoy that other people enjoy it as much as I do." 

And I set aside all that silly "feel bad about" crap.
And I don't "feel bad" about anything like that.
And so I stop feeling bad. Literally.
And I feel GREAT. I feel healthy.
And so I get healthy. I am healthy. I AM healthy! 

AND SO ...

I get better.

Thank you, my dear. Thank you for that violet flame reminder. WHEW... the magic it works when it ripples through my field, purifying and removing all that silly "feel bad" energy and transmuting it to what is SUPPOSED to be there... an unyielding and infinite supply of "feel good" energy.
Thank you, Violet Flame, for all you do. Keep burning, and I'll keep doing the same. Our fire Source is unending, as is my love and devotion to that same Source. Thank you for everything, as always.
With love and service,

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