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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dare to Enjoy A Simple Life

Dare to ENJOY: A Simple Life

Full of...

Abundance, Stress Reduction and Absolute Unconditional Love and Joy

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Minimalism's Approach: Simplicity is Divine

If things are insane in your life, the minimalist solution might be a good option to consider. Let me tell you about my own transition toward minimalism

In case you don't know this about me: I am obsessed. All I ever can think about it is how much I want this world of ours (and this life of mine) to be saved, salvagable, healed and redeemed. I want nothing short of Heaven on Earth for myself and my fellow Earth residents. This is my DREAM for my experienced reality.

Now, I thought I would be keeping my own complicated all-or-nothing attempt to utterly heal my world in ways that fix it. I spend more time on meditating and attempting to exist in my highest self and consciousness, and the ways I work on these concepts are...complicated.

Robert's 1000-Page Plan to Save the World

I work hard in my personal crusade for salvation: I study Hermetics, Metaphysics, Earth and Energy Healing, Mediation, and I am always involved in some interestingly complex mental gymnastics in my efforts to improve myself and the world with me. And I've been experiencing the reality that I'll be able to handle whatever I put on my plate, though I'm always also worried that my complications could make me insane soon; however, through Divine Grace and the love of my Creator, everyday I'm continually shown that my God and His Universe support me in my daring dreams for myself and my world. "Support" is an understatement, as I guess I can only be told a few thousand time before I finally believe that my dreams for Earth and my life are BLESSED. 

And for that blessing, I've come to slowly see that the greatest thing about God and the Universe is that while I'm evolved, improved and proven to be completely redeemable and worthy, I see the world around me continue to improve, believe in itself and fundamentally change in the very ways I improve too. I can't deny my role in the Creation of this Earth, as I have been helping to shape it for a long time. As my Awakening and Ascension accelerate  I've woken up completely. And once one remembers their immortal existence, that's not something easily forgotten again.

But what is the most amazing about what I've been instructed on lately on this Universe of ours is that while I'm on my unyielding quest for personal and universal improvement, God and the Universe want me to enjoy the whole process! My personal toil is appreciated, but my satisfaction, joy and bliss is preferred!

Guess what? 
The Universe wants the same for you too! 

Crazy Dance
Enjoying Life? Maybe that's How You Save the World!

So along with daring to dream I can live in a world redeemable, healing and transcending, I guess I will continue believing in my greatest dreams and personal hopes too. I operate from this paradigm: my life is blessed because of my belief that it's my faith in God and Universal Love's very real presence in my life that fuels my refusal to give up on even one facet of the potential of mankind. Those concepts fit in every minute of my magical life, but I must admit I get bogged down. But... could I also dare to imagine I find absolute joy in all my efforts as well?

I suppose I can try to be a bit less complicated in my personal efforts and life. 

I find myself laughing as I write that, as what an amazing world where I can both dare to believe in the unavoidable salvation of mankind and Earth while also having unyielding faith in my own transcending experiences along my chosen path of being a part of the Earth's Ascension to higher existence and consciousness. 

I must admit I have learned that in the grand scheme of things: Simple can be beautiful.

For example, I'm so adoring of the ways how God "simply" has unconditional love for every single particle of his creation. The Convoluted Universe "simply" supports its children 100% if they ask for its support. 

Perhaps with such examples, I can dare to to be a bit more simple and in the process have MUCH less stress, more abundance, less strife ...and find I acquire infinitely more depth in the ways I experience my absolute LOVE of this beautiful convoluted (but maybe not as complicated) magical existence that I call my co-creation and so-called "reality."

Minimize Stress and Maximize Joy!

What do YOU do to simplify your own life and exploits? Comments and Suggestions below!

Thank you for reading,
Robert Wiley Hughey


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I've tried three times now to comment on this. Eh, maybe third time's the charm.
    What caused your awakening, exactly? When did you realize what had happened to you?
    What makes you believe you must carry the weight of the world on those broad shoulders of yours like Atlas? Do you believe, in order to alleviate some stress that you speak of, that you could do what YOU could do to help enrich the world and those around you?

    1. Do you know, I've tried to answer this posted question so many times on my blog, and each time something has prevented me. I found myself reading it again, so here goes - I'm going to try to actually answer your questions here on the blog where you were kind enough to ask them.... lol

      First off, my awakening began as a result from two separate but interestingly related details in my life. For one, I'd begun meditating and "reaching out" beyond myself looking for connections to higher beings. And I was successful, though the experience frightened me quite a bit. The resulting experiences were not always as positive as one might hope, but that's a discussion for another day. The end results are where I am now, a being currently on the Path of Ascension, purifying and seeking to fully embody as much as my true self within my physical body as I can. I used to glow. Now I shine.

      You should know exactly what I mean, dear friend and divine sibling, as you shine too. SOOOO Bright! It's quite lovely too. :)

      The other activities in my life were my desire to change some qualities of my being and character that I couldn't do on my own, as you know what I mean too. I couldn't stop myself from some dark activities but I was able, with the help of my true higher power and higher self, able to understand and see such activities for what they really were. In short, being an addict helped make me a compassionate and non-judgmental man.

      And to your last question, I don't know why I have this need to try and saddle the world on my shoulders. I really don't. Today a wise person looked me in the eyes and asked me, "Did you ever think that all this was for you to realize God loves you so much and wants you to be happy? Something as simple as that?" And my first thought was trying to understand the alchemy of how such actions could positively impact the rest of the human race. My job here on Earth is to energetically hold some incredibly high frequencies of divine energy within a human form. That's a crazy kind of statement, isn't it? But read it again and see if your heart resonates it as Truth, as that's what it is. This "work" of mine is my unique addition to assisting mankind on their successful Ascension Path. But a side-effect of my belief that I can somehow add a little to the pot of helping support everyone energetically is that I literally feel split apart byway of seven billion different ways. This can be a bit... taxing... sometimes.

      And your last question, do you think you could restate it? I'm not sure how to answer it but I do want to hug your neck for your kindness and sweet friendship. I hope this time I'm able to actually answer these questions with this long and thorough (but utterly honest and genuine) answer. I've wanted to answer it for quite a while now. Perhaps now it is finally time...