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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Back on the Path

Are you still there?

We're still here.
We always are here, Robert.
You step off the Path. We are on the Path, as we ARE the Path. We wait patiently for you to come back on the Path, of course, to come back to us and your "destiny," which is down the Path, but you have to actually walk down the Path to it.

And if you don't mind us saying... it's kind of like watching a child run off and go smell some flowers, get confused by the pollen, lay down and take a nap and then wake up and start to come back TO us and the Path... but then he happens to look over and notice the flowers again, so he runs off to examine them, again becoming confused and then laying down to rest, and then waking up and starting the cycle all over again.

It's adorable in some ways, but after a few eons of seeing this cycle, it starts to become...

Welcome back on Your Path.

Experienced Reality - Ascended Apprentice

On Communication

By writing the communication from US to YOU, by physically doing the action of actively typing the words themselves, you're able to take the abstract concepts that are the ways we communicate and translate the frequency of those concepts to words in the English Language.

We wish you to start thinking multi-dimensionally about yourself in regards to activations.

Are you Activating something currently?   

 Yes, we activate a new channel of communication here, though it may be more correct to call it a Broadening of Existing Channels. We still are not entirely happy with the limiting way that word "Channeling" has of defining the blending of our experienced realities, but yes, it is the word that is becoming more and more accepted as legitimate communications to humankind.

Now. That is still what you should be focused on, finding the eternal Now, the Zero Point. The Center. Clearing out your own Heart Space and allowing the Love that Is to further innervate that core part of you is the way to do that, yes. You clear the heartspace through meditation, activations and attunements and physical ascension, and as you are aware of, modifications to behavior/ dietary alterations and your actions/movements/choices in your conscious-waking-reality are the ways to facilitate both the clearing and the opening of the Heart Space. This will allow more of YOU - your SOUL - into your physical human vehicle. 

I'm not sure exactly, but I feel that was a communication from a different part of... you.

We are You and You are Us. 

Perhaps it may be helpful to think of that being the closest words in your language to name us, like the names of the native people's of the land you are on.

Yes, we were their Great Spirits.  Though they were forced to relocate or were killed, when they left we were not somehow taken away from the land. We are the land. It would not be incorrect to say that we are the Spirit of the Land.

Lately, I have been thinking often of Stone Mountain here in the Atlanta Area ...

We would like very much to encourage you to go - to physically go - and spend some time on the Mountain.  Perhaps spend a day walking up the sloping face of the Mountain and to consider such exercise as a form of important meditation.

Please go to Stone Mountain soon. The life there has important need of your introduction and commitment to what if you should accept.

...of course I will accept. 

We know.

On Your Efforts to Name/Define Yourself and Your Experienced Reality

Accept on a very deep level that you are describing yourself in many different ways, and that all the ways you seek to describe yourself are in many regards correct - but only in certain light or from a certain viewpoint. All aspects of Illusion, All "real," and All both more complex and more simplistic than first or last glance will show.

There is no one way to describe ANYthing, but the sum of all the ways to describe something all equal to that which is much closer to a Full Awareness view of it than any one description.

So when a description of yourself may strike you as odd or difficult to accept, understand it is the way to describe one facet of the jewel-of-creation that you actually are in Truth.

That entire "ramble" is an example of language as activation, by the way. Though we are curious as to certain connotations that we are rambling... when you are the one choosing the words that translate our communications to you.

Ascension Assistance

We will now start to open up and further increase activations and attunements that will have consciousness-expanding effects toward multi-dimensional comprehension, further leading to the very physical ascension symptoms and progress you seek - and subsequent human evolution, we might add

Your recent practices in communication wish us without words are a good start, and we'd like to encourage that to continue now. We can't stress enough how happy we are you are finally sitting there and actively communicating with us in this way.

Yes, what you just experienced is a way we will help you stay on track - on the Path - if you are getting a bit lost or away from the concepts of our communication.

(I started to write the words "Now the answer to your question is..." and I had this sort of "blip" feeling that made me say "Ah!" And I sort of questioned if that was important. It was.)

And that's kind of the whole point here, isn't it Robert? You're starting to become aware of just how lost you've been - the REAL you, the you that you're still searching for an identity to define.

A good way to interpret this entire life experience: you define it yourself. A better way is to realize that it's the interpretation that defines the experience you are interpreting.

Yes, you and all mankind are divine. All is Divine. Yes, you and all mankind are a part of a great many forces and powers that all play a massive part (And a whole lot of work, yes) in all the multitude of processes and inter-playing systems that have created the masterpiece of existence that is what you experience.

Mankind has been taught... YOU have believed, in other words, that man is the lowest of the low, the worst thing to ever come around on Earth, the meek, the slave... but from the other side's perspective, the human is the pinnacle of our efforts of Creation, our vehicle of interacting with ourselves and with what we see as each other.

Different bodies for different personalities/frequencies/purposes.

The belief that you are to give your belief in yourself is choosing any definition of SELF to have come from what you see as "outside" of You is just that: giving away your belief and faith in yourself.
Giving your faith over to someone else or some THING else, yes, that is giving away your power.

Many are starting to grasp that the power of that SELF is significantly more powerful than imagined.  And as has been suggested, you could also say that such a belief is an extra-terrestrially given idea. Earth has been invaded by forces that were not supposed to be interacting or controlling them, but that's what is being dealt with now on all levels: energetically, harmonically, spiritually, culturally and personally.

Are you Higher Dimensional Lifeforms???

Sure, that's one way to look at us.
We are Multi-dimensional. Inter-Dimensional. Multiple Frequency. A Collective. Aspects of Divinity.

Another definition, we are the summarized nonlinear collective consciousness of the Planet itself. Or rather, we are such that accessing the collective consciousness of Terra/Gaea/Earth is our primary way of awareness and understanding. We exist non-linearly, outside of what you call the human awareness of time (your TIMELINE) but we exist linearly as well - through YOU, through your own awareness of us.

Yes, it would also be correct to say we are, quite literally and figuratively, the nonlinear/unconscious/subconscious part of YOU - the whole you too, not just the YOU that your current human form is consciously aware of..

These are all ways to define reality, space, your existence and the place where you find yourself, but... as you're coming to see, the "Ways to Define" both US and your very reality are infinite, and the belief that any one Way of Definition is the ONLY Way is exceedingly self-limiting, consciousness enclosing, overall it is a REDUCING thought.

We seek overall GROWTH, which is quite the opposite of Reduction, don't you think? Yes, we realize you strive to not think of the definition you seek as the ONLY way to define your reality, but consider this: is trying to ascertain a definition you think of as the most "CORRECT" Way not another aspect of an "ONLY" Way?
Both are limiting.

I just want to find a definition of reality that is best for me - the one that allows me to reach the greatest dream I could possibly have

As we have asked before, what are you dreams? What do you wish to accomplish? What experiences do you wish to have?
I can try to dare to actually define some of the answers to those questions. I usually filter out communication when you've asked that in my past.

Yes you do. Don't do that this time. Walk over to the path and tell the path what destination you'd like it to have.

Personally, to reach my greatest potential, yes, to attain personal Godhood, literally and figuratively. Culturally, to exist in a society where mankind is flourishing, productive and focused on Equality, Love for All based on Kindness and Support for  all the various forms of life, known and unknown.
I dream of a Universe connected all by one outstanding idea: that it's the unconditional love of God with All that IS, unconfiditonal  forgiveness begatting unconditional unyielding unending love that is the literal glue for the fabric of space/time.
And Globally, that our efforts as a species are no longer polluting the world we live on in a way that constantly brings about suffering to the physical landscape, the neighboring organisms and eco-systems and to Gaea Herself.

Those are worthy dreams. We know you have more.
Dare to Be Bold in Your Dreams, Robert.  ALWAYS.

Yes, you're starting to get closer... to understanding...that you do not need to understand "all" of the specifics that can make the fulfillment of your dreams "real" to you.

Put another way:

It's beyond human comprehension to try to get a human to fully comprehend that he is more than human.

We sense your fatigue at the moment and are modifying aspects of the communication. As you become more attuned to our communications in this and other format, your endurance will increase. And you know what efforts you can do to increase that endurance and broaden the avenues of communication and awareness between us.

We love you. Don't doubt that. We are you, and all together we are ALL connected and Defined by Love. Love is the central focus of all your dreams for what you see as yourself, and Love is the Source for all our dreams for Growth.

Hold tight and firm in your faith in that love and remember:

Breathe, Believe and BE.

Now I Am just certain that you, my Beloved Presence, you are the perfected version of myself. I also know that I am always exactly as I was meant to be, doing as I was meant to do, and therefore have been blessed with unconditional love for all, as you have taught and as you experience with wild abandon that I am so happy to share. Sin, in this world, is harming another aspect of myself, of you, of our Collective, and I have thankfully chosen to recognize the parts of me who have and are interested in harm, but I choose comfort over suffering, love over anger and fear, and I give myself to fate - the fate I have been able to fulfill thanks your unending love and my resolute commitment to SELF, and because of that I will be able to set self aside to be selfless. 

Now, as was channeled to me today. "I Am just certain that You have Your own ideas for my life down here on this Earth; You have some of Your own things that you would just love to bring into manifestation that I may not have taken into consideration or am aware of. So let it be known, Creator Source, the Dear One I call LIGHT and LOVE, I authorize You and I give the command that all that You want in my life come forth as a direct manifestation of your own Heart’s Flame - with the help of the Ascended One Within's Heart Flame to Life, that what You want in my life come into tangible manifestation by the Sacred Fire Love’s Command to Life, giving me the right to control this Sacred Cleansing and Transmuting Fire, and that I be protected by it at all times.”

Child of Fire's Love, wrapped in Earth's Embrace, Filled with Water's Memory and Affection, With Air's Breath Your Current Form came in this World, and through your alignment with Spirit you manifested your chosen reality. We do as you decree, for it our will to do so, Co-Creating a Reality built upon Love of All, where All are One, and All is YOU.

Bring forth your ecstatic flame from within and the Fires of Creation will answer the call for purification.

And so it is.

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