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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Arcturian and Others (New Channel of Communication) November 26 2013

Anchoring in a Successful "Channel" of Communication (Arcturian Collective)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

What one might not accomplish alone...
Sometimes Spirit will Shove You, but only So you Can Accomplish Something Amazing...


Here I wanted to share how I have lately come to "channel" conversation with Spirit, with "them" or with "the Group." It's a bit complex to explain to those unfamiliar, but it's actually a very simple process. I don't have many comments on this other than to say that I'm not a medium and what I'm doing isn't involving any being that is or seems to have actually been a human being before, and (most importantly) everyone or thing I interact with has 100% been a force for light and love for me, and that is a fact I trust implicitly.

Is this real? Completely.

But I just want to share some of how I process the images, words and concepts into English, where I finally embrace the odd nature of the "communication" I sense and experience in very REAL sights, sounds and feelings. This all started when I first conversed out loud with Spirit. I asked out loud, "Are you there, Spirit?"  And as the thunder rolled, the lightening may have struck the ground nearby, I involuntarily sputtered out in a different feeling sort of verbal cadence. "Of course we are." This is part of what I spoke with SPIRIT about today while riding around South Georgia during a difficult storm, and the rest is "channeled" here in this format.  

Regarding the understanding of my "Identity" 

Why do I find myself nodding in complete agreement with you yet also wonder why I still have some part of me seeking additional validation about who I am... I guess, well, I accept that the answers to that question can be as endless or as numerous as I need to make them. I guess I'm still full of ideas such as "what did I call myself as I existed before coming into this body as Robert Hughey, here in the State of Georgia, back in the 1970's.

Well, is that when you "arrived?"

I feel like I arrived about two months ago, maybe less.  

What's even more going to "blow your mind" is that you are correct about both time periods. You were and are a "crawl in," and that's why no other being can successfully take your body from you. You came in from the beginning. But you're also more...whole... now, after your last experience that you seem to consider a death-experience. We stress that you did not exactly die, but that is truly when you started to become...aware of being more than you ever thought you were. This is when "more of you" you came in and quickly imprinted on the personality of Robert, which is colorful to say the least, as you designed it to be, but fundamentally, that's just a small (though interesting) part of yourself.

In fact, we'd like to stress this isn't who you really are in TRUTH, as you know.

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Consider that it really may be time to break the shell, to move on to whatever was growing from the divine seed or the sacred egg, to exist as what has been cultivated and lovingly grown within the chrysalis of my being. 

2013 Observation, here at the end of November '13:
"This year has been so beautiful, oh my I can't even put it in to English words, but having Spirit introduce itself and then proceed to introduce ME to MYSELF in such profound ways, oh, my cup continually runneth over."

My gifts and talents are still growing, and I'm still being shown how unique and special I AM. I always suspected there was no one quite like me, but I didn't necessarily fully dare to start seeing myself without a hint of that old tired worry of mine that said, "oh, don't be conceited. Don't be overconfident. Don't let your head get too big." 

Spirit it so silent anytime I start those pieces of monologue, and today I just started having a conversation out loud with what I am calling "the rest of me" for now, and I had them laughing and enjoying me daring to see myself without shame-filters, without concern for over inflating the human animal ego but allowing a truer (I wrote "true" there and immediately felt the need to say "truer" as in, closer but not quite there yet) sense of self-worth to begin to TRULY pervade my thoughts.

With honest and healthy self-worth, I can ask myself any question without any fear. 

No question is inappropriately posed to Spirit. EVER.

What's that thought you're having? Ah, well, you're correct. Spirit is never offended. Though if you've needed us to give the impression otherwise, we've obliged that as well.

We're happy to have your growth reach a level where we too are more often simply sharing our genuine wonder and curiosity at your growth, your stellar rise and your unique place in the ALL that is around you and that is YOU in Truth.

Am I divine?  

Absolutely. In very literal and figurative ways. I have many names, and I know a few of them, and as I learn more about myself, the less the need to "self-identify" has any sort of hold on my heart.

I feel like a baby so often. Is that my major issue here? Am I a young being of ...whatever I happen to actually be?

We'd like to borrow a very interesting word and feeling from your online communications:


...Robert, we want to point to a certain scene in a movie you love very much about a boy wizard named Harry Potter. You see the merit of Severus Snape, right? What's that word you love to hear the actor (as Snape) say?

I know what you're doing here.

Yes, it's called humor. It's a core aspect of your divine Greek heritage.

....I love it when Snape rolls his eyes and says, "Obviously...(sigh)."And I'm still going to sort of choose to ignore the more complex parts of what you just implied again.'ve met Greek Goddesses and they were open and honest about that fact and their identity, and you know why they introduced themselves to you in the manner they did and will again as you become able to interact with their higher frequency existence/being.

They're family.

Oh yes.
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So back to Snape...

Very well... we'll discuss the family some more soon though. It's important and timely for this time period where you've placed yourself currently.

SO to borrow from that interesting character of J.K. Rowling's, Professor Severus Snape:

Tell you what... how about this: we're going to want you to hear us use Snape's voice when we say that beloved  word of yours - ( The Word is "obviously" in case you Forgot... obviously...).  

So, please ask that original question again.

Oh, who could possibly remember what the question was.

Scroll up. We can wait. No a problem, Roberto...

Oh, I think I got my answer...

Oh, we think you should totally ask it again so we can be sure you got your answer...

We love when you do that. It's so... exasperating and cute that we all pretend like you aren't riveted by every second of our interaction. But what we want you to never doubt is that WE ARE equally as inspired and thrilled to interact with you in this way. You're doing some innovative stuff here, and we support all that has transpired this past days and that is placed in this document.

Who will I say my conversation is with?

You do seem to want to call us SPIRIT more and more, and we are completely in agreement with that, but if you are a bit more particular, you may start to differentiate enough to really feel the Arcturian Familyand the Nefilim relative to your Paternal Heritage, all within Collective that you could call "the Group" or "the Family," but what is in truth diverse aspects of SELF - all  that are happy to be engaging you and talking to you so directly now.

So what was your ealier question about yourself, specifically?

Okay, so am I a child of the...


I wasn't done yet.

Then Ask again. Ask Faster too.


Oh, we love that Sigh of yours.  Next time, maybe you can blow upward and blow your hair around too. It's kind of a familial trait that one day soon you'll also find as endearing when you see your stellar family do this.

...Okay, that's interesting information. Filed for later processing, to be sure...
So, let's ask again:

"Is it true that I AM what I suspect I am...?"

(haha "this is fun" crept through at this point)

Breathe Believe and Be
Spiritual Communication Across Reality

Snape is never that giddy sounding like the mental voice you're sharing with me right now.
But thank you kindly for that beautiful mental laugh

In fact, I really want to be official in my appreciation, dear Spirit, my angels, my entourage and family...Thank you for the love I feel coursing through me and my being when we share a laugh and smile together like this. It gets less and less my reality that I have many or any reasons to be scared or ever dare to be worried about this kind of direct mental interaction, when our senses of humor start to really line up and we have fun like this during the process of Discovery/Enlightenment/Growth. 

Rebirth, maybe? 

Ah, yeah, that too...Thank you for showing me what Joy can mean. I especially like how that feeling, and I never really realized I was missing it. Thanks for showing me otherwise and reintroducing it to me.

...I also love it when this sort of things happens --- when I can tell that we are using the same words to speak to each other.  I can read from those last paragraphs from me to you, Spirit, and I can then reread the same paragraph as from Spirit to me and it fits in very different but very parallel ways. So the communication is simultaneous, multidimensional, and yet it's beauty is simple enough that we can use the same words to each other to convey concepts that are always beautifully complex, easily simple and as convoluted as I apparently need them to be.

And thankfully, that need and the lessons that accompany that kind of complexity are rapidly fading in intensity as I truly learn to release the idea that the Universe really has to be or is convoluted in any way.What you may be opening up to is the more open perception of the concepts that easily placed in your conscious mind as  "convoluted" and are only perceived that way while still mostly misunderstood, misidentified or, as we like to think of it, just very "new" to the BEing you are in Truth, Robert.

And that great emotion of "unknown" that we are separating away from the old Earth paradigms of control and fear... so now you're really starting to see the nuanced feelings you have been experiencing, what you'd jump away from and call fear/phobos. Now, the "unknown" is a bit more of a part of "thrilling" and "excitement," isn't it?

That's how one transcends FEAR. That's what fear/phobos transmutes UP to when allowed to be more than such a rigid controlling instinct.

And yes, we want you to say exactly what you're holding back when you observe these changes in yourself.

"I really am actually evolving. I believe that now."

Oh yes, baby, you certainly are. Never give that up, that desire to grow and evolve, and you keep on holding on to that love and trust you have for your universal family and Spirit all around you, and from there just sit back and get ready for a ride of Universal Proportions.  

What is it that you're wanting to disucss that you're again trying to hide from us? That's not necessary or really proactive, you know. We ARE you, quite literally, and yet we are the greater parts of you, and there's never any reason to think you could or would want to hide anything from us. To say we know you inside and out is an understatement, and we truly wish you to try to understand that we love and adore every thought, impulse, emotion and concern you experience, and we find the sum that results (that is so much more than its parts, yes)... well...

We find you magnificent.
We want you to believe in your magnificence, in our eyes.

Oh, that's lovely. Thank you. 

But I was thinking about my friend Karen who lives across the world. I just really really want her to get all that she wishes and more from her life, and I don't really know where my part in all her potential future plays in... whether as a friend who feels like a family member, and that's strange feeling in my heart. And I don't know her well enough to really vocalize that and even understand why I feel that way... What I mean is, I care about my friend, as she seems more my twin sister than my friend sometimes, and other she seems like a maternal figure, and others like a daughter, an exasperating daughter of absolute brilliance.

Well, that's one way of looking what your relationship to all the members of your small Soul Group. Karen is not confused about the relationships you all imprint or have recollections about as a Group. That is part of why she assumed parts of her role in ushering in this epoch. Before you ask, the answer is "Yes," you do have a family name or Soul Group name, and you already know it. 

And if you only could see from our view point just how magnifiscent THAT aspect of your identities are. You all impress us as Group and as individuals, and we're so proud of you. It's okay to be proud of your own accomplishments and be happy to strive to achieve more. We want that for you all. Enjoy the process.

 And please have no doubt, your Soul Group is small because the literal level of power you guys are packing around in those human vehicles of yours is IMPRESSIVE.  You and Karen weild your mighty flaming TRUTH Swords, and we find it curiously beautiful that you each separately have come to similar conclusions that your divine sword of TRUTH is better suited as an INK PEN instead of a WEAPON. 

Now, Karen understands on a deeper level (a more intuitive level... truly just a more experienced level, so don't worry so much) - perhaps from her longer breadth of experience in matters of spirit her years of energy work/healing - but she sensed a true family member and a soul mirror in you the moment you two first interacted.  You two are sisters, in a sense, but that's all human terms of familial relationships that don't necessarily fit when applied to your soul group's relationships with each other.

You're wating to as what else that might mean?

How we are all the same soul...somehow?

Yes, child, of course you are reflections of the same beautiful SOUL. 

But what we really need you to understand is that Neither of you are missing any parts of yourself. You do unlock things in each other, and that's a carefully controlled situation from all parties involved right now (especially as you and several others are embodying these roles of yourself as Earth's core archangloi and the seeds of the elohim creator energies). 

So what we mean is that it's not like you are "Piece C" and Karen is "Piece A" and your other Soul Group members could be other "pieces."  

You are all complete and total, from our perspective especially, and as you progress through this, your manifestation journey (which you've created for yourself, by the way, and it's amazing, personal, and part of this masterpiece you all have put together in this, the period you've labeled as your BLUE PERIOD.

Well, I can't wait to enjoy a nice juicy ORANGE period.  

You think you're joking, but Florida and it's Gate beckons, child of the stars... 
And Scotland beckons...

- - -

While I write this, I have to say what I've said before: I'm so thankful to be so powerfully empathic. You see, I know when I'm in communication with something because it's radiating or pushing emotional resonance through the connection. And if there's one thing that I have never ever heard of being even POSSIBLE to fake, that would have to be the Sacret Heart Chakra's Powerful unconditional love energies that I get from these aspects of spirit. They all can engage this... place above my midline in my chest... that St. Germaine gifted me with carrying for my life. Olympic Torch? Spirit of Peace? 

So what are your thoughts here?  What would you ask SPIRIT today if you'd had time to sit and be so direct in the conversation?  What should I do with this new interesting communication channel?

Thanks for reading one of the more interesting (and yes, strange too I guess) posts on my blog.

With Love and Light, always remember:


Robert Wiley Hughey

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