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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sacred Physical Ascension Assistance (Video/Audio)

Sacred Physical Ascension Assistance

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

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Spiritual Ascension Help
Physical Ascension
(Soul and Mind Merge in Physical Body)

To assist one in the Spiritual Ascension and Awakening Process on the Path to Enlightenment, one can use sacred geometry and colors, sacred rhythm and pitch and sacred numerology and patterns.

The Fibonacci Sequence, really any use of Phi and the Golden Mean, play heavily in the patterns found in these methods of communication in the patters found in expressed vibration through color, light, sound and shape.

These aid the unlocking of the quantum DNA, bringing your lightbody (etheric body) online to your surface awareness. Included are some videos particularly exceptional in activating further awareness of the Ascension Process.

TIP: When watching these videos or other ones you might find with ascension unlock codes, you'll receive more results if you add in a visualization of the images inside your mind's eye, and even more spectacular way of doing this is to hold your hands up toward the screen and imagine "pulling" the image out to be in the space between you and the screen.  Enjoy the results. Welcome to Human Evolution 2013.

Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Here is an excellent video of a sort of Invocation for you to participate in. You are stating your intention to raise your vibrational frequency, which understanding that you are a being of energy can be likened to you stating your intention to the Universe that you seek Enlightenment, Expanded Consciousness and Ascension.

The Template Intro Ceremony

The Template is an interesting organization that has put together some absolutely beautiful videos using 3D Computer Graphics, Tone and Vibration with Sacred Rhythm in Music and, in my opinion, has a firm grasp on the poetic power of language for expression and educating. Over all, their videos and system of activation of the human consciousness may be my favorite.

Awakening the Human Angels

A video using the sacred geometries and images to bring forth several ideas and inspirations for the Ascension Process. Here, take in the images and sounds and words as symbols. Do not try to analyze too much what you're seeing, just say to yourself that you are aware there is more communication going on than you are consciously aware of.

In closing, I wanted to recommend a beautiful article I read this morning about the sweet, still place deep inside us where our divine essence flows into our physical body. This is our Sacred Heart, and it is Divinity itself. Read these beautiful words if you're still seeking Inner Peace:

Thank you for the gift of your time and attention here on another exploration of me talking to myself. 

Remember: Breathe. Believe and BE.



  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I thought I would come and visit you, as well. You have an excellent blog, Robert, full of truth. Best wishes to you for success!
    Knowing Whispers:

    1. Hi there, CJ Heck!
      Thank you! But you know, I was looking back at some things, and they seem pretty simple but not too terrible I guess (my parents). I'm so glad you stopped by. :)