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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dear Universe: A Question is Asked and Answered

Dear Universe, "who am I?"

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Universe Closed

It seems like a simple question, doesn't it? And on the surface level, it's easily answered. I'm Robert Hughey, a creative human being living on Earth in Atlanta, GA, USA during the month of October 2013.  Of course, asking such a question in this format (I have found) is a way of asking the Universe itself for a response, and I can see that is coming my way now.

And yet (I write, holding off on that response a little while) what is steadily shown to me throughout my every thought and my bevy of ever-expanding supernatural experiences is this...

    ...I really am more than just "Robert" but I'm incorrect in my methodology in the way I'm trying to get to an answer to that existential question. I guess what I hope to "remember" or "discover" here soon is if there is any specific identity beyond my mundane understanding of myself.

So let's get to the Universe's Response (and Choice-of-Answer) to my direct and specific Question today:

The following statement came in through through one of those interesting twists of synchronicity and involuntary thought process.  That's one of the ways I channel - or at least, that's one of the ways I interpret information coming in from the Universe.

So anyway, I received an answer to my question.

Dear Robert,

"It's not about where you have been or who you were; rather, it should always be about where you are going and
who it is you are
to become."

Universal Answers
"You asked," says the Universe.

Well, asking the Universe a question usually does result in an answer, doesn't it? I'm trying to stop applying too much logic to the responses I receive when I directly ask the Universe direct questions.

 So instead, I'll send this out for interpretations outside of myself. So... if you find yourself reading this particular post on this blog and that statement gives you any thoughts, further insights, or just anything particularly special has plopped in your mind - want to share it with me in the comments below?  

I expect that in sharing such with me, you'll be very much helping me to comprehend and understand what the Universe is saying to me here. 

Also, as always: feel free to email me if you'd rather discuss such matters privately. Thanks!

Pan Galactic - Jonn Serrie & 3D Space Journey

An interesting visualization of a potential journey through space.

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  1. I think we tend to cling to certain desires, excusing them as "human nature". Needing to define oneself as an individual is probably the most common, likely because we don't like the way it feels to let the ego starve. If we conquer duality (which is no more than a catalyst for negative energy) and you have a clear scope of what it is that you are to become, your answer will be the same as mine "I am the universe".

    1. Yes, the microcosm and the macrocosm, and from each of our perspective, all is designed and aligned for us quite specifically. What am amazing reality!

  2. I would say to become more aligned with higher self and light love wisdom will be expressed as you me and everyone else yet like you im open to be shown more