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Friday, October 11, 2013

(Updated) Your Darkness, Shadow Self, Light's Shade and Necessary Component of Being

Face Your Darkness, See the Shadow Self as Light's Shade...
And Kn
ow Thyself.

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Channeled as my Aspect of the Unnamed Ascended Master in Truth

The Shadow Self is Light Pretending to Be Otherwise
Daring to See Your Darker Side Opens the Path to Oneness

You know what?  I do love this time of year - the Halloween Season. 

It's when one might chance an embrace to that which is hidden away in the shadows. You may be finally open to that which is not necessarily easily seen by brightest day's shine.  

But in my own personal experiences, in what I have seen with my own two eyes, I have found the dark to be quite misunderstood, and it is that way intentionally for our own necessary investigation of what is an essential part of our make-up. I only understood this when accepting my opinions on such were based on imaginary entities (i.e. Projections) or interactions that are fundamentally the result of me entertaining thoughts and energy on possible worst case scenarios.

...which never come to exist in my reality without my own direct support.

Understanding the Dark is Understanding Duality's Illusion

It's a fundamental fact that our energetic projections affect how we perceive our interactions with the beings we call "Spirit." Fear and Terror are basically frequencies of Attack Magic, to the Higher Dimensional Beings.

Aside from my own irrational fears and the times I let others put fear in my heart about that what lives in the darker side / my shadow self, my experience is that when finally met face to face, that which is in the shade is equally beautiful, awesome and capable of kindness and love. The shade is a mirror to the light, more an oasis of respite in the magical star-filled night, complementary to that which shines in the brightest noon day sun. I love the Light that Sun represents to my very core being, but I till am very thankful for the intermittent breather the shade gives away from the direct heat.

All is One, and All truly is of the Light. 

Anything somehow "otherwise" is relegated to my transcendental understanding of the "non-existent," and therefore does not even exist in my interpretation of reality.  It can't in a Universe of energy that's fabric is literally composed of the essence of that Living All-Loving Light.

Understanding and believing that to be a fact of our personal reality makes ones fears of that which goes bump in the night kind of evaporate, leaving behind what is still a very healthy respect for that which chooses to clothe itself in shadow. But terror? It has no foothold here.

Embrace your darkness.

Understand it to be an essential component of your being.  Integrate that component to further embrace Oneness and set aside the false sense of separation. 

Duality is, after all, merely one sitting around, playing pretend and really for all purposes - just playing with oneself. Interesting and no doubt energetically pleasurable, but not necessarily what one should give 100% of your being to investigating, triggering and pretending to misunderstand.

Besides, you'll get chaffed - spiritually speaking. No enlightened being need experience such eternal burning and itching... 

And I'm just not sure if CVS Pharmacy makes a balm for God's Essence rubbed raw and sore...

UPDATE: It occurred to me that just lecturing about embracing one's Darkness doesn't necessarily help in a specific manner. So I'd like to share a bit of what I did to explore my darker side and how I integrated those parts of me.

On the Path Alongside You, Mirror to Your Experiences,

Robert Hughey

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