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Monday, September 9, 2013

Why an Ascended Apprentice?

Why Am I Called the Ascended Apprentice?

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

My name is Robert Wiley Hughey, and I'm a writer/blogger and student of all things esoteric living in the State of Georgia, USA. I am the Ascended Apprentice, student of all, adept in the future, Journeyman in the near-now and above all, I always remain teachable in all matters where I am working to obtain my Mastery.

So why an Ascended Apprentice?

The answer to that question is multidimensional in nature, as I was given the name a long time ago before I even dared to believe in any form of Spiritual practice. The name was revealed to me, and I chose to accept it. I've only just began channeling actual words and information from my Higher Self, and I'm struggling with the concepts.

So rather than drop all that confusion into this - only the second post on this blog - let me instead tell you a story to illustrate why I am, at the very least, certain that I'm an Apprentice. I have been given choices and I have accepted my purpose and my power, but I am far FAR away from Adept or my Mastery. I'm am certainly not an Ascended Master. least not yet.

Ascended Apprentice

Ascension, Expanded Consciousness and Spiritual Powers:
All are Real

Below is the second blog post to this particular blog. It's a strange tale of a very strange night I had that cemented my place as the Ascended Apprentice, as it's the time I really began to understand that I had to be initiated in the Ageless Wisdom before I could really start using properly what I was only dabbling in previously.

Since then, I have become attached to a regional mystery school (hi guys!) and continue to meditate, learn, unlearn from past assumptions and learn again that which takes a while to get into my thick skull.
As I always say, I remain teachable. I always learn from my mistakes, and this post is about one time something terrible happened or had the appearance of happening to teach me a very valuable lesson... a very valuable lesson indeed.

Manipulation of the 3rd Dimension starts to become more and more a part of daily life from what I've come to understand is my time spent at a higher dimensional viewpoint. This energy manipulation feels like a superpower, to be perfectly honest, but with the so-called power (or with the knowledge and belief) comes a very real and very high responsibility.

This Summer I learned this lesson the hard way, but God was gentle with me in the end, as has always been the case if I actually learn the lesson in question.

But two months ago I had been driving around the beautiful, sunny countryside of South Georgia, USA, where my family lives.  There's very little civilization down there, and such natural beauty is the very essence of the Divine, isn't it? Being around the Pine Forests and the miles and miles free from any human town or structure (other than the roads) has me praying and singing, building up sacred energy, as I almost can't help myself.

And all would be well if I didn't know better than to take than energy and half-way purpose it.

Astral Energy Manipulation Mantras
Environmental Manipulation of the 3rd Dimensional Plane

I had learned this year a very hard lesson about using my throat chakra, my words, my song and my intentions. I had surprised myself by how quickly I started manipulating the weather, or - more than anything - how cool it looked when I energized the clouds with violet and indigo energy by chanting. I'd trained my vessel's voice for many years in Classical Voice training, so that combined with the amount of Light my Higher Self is allowing me to access now, I found I accidentally worked up several storms. ...and they were "Strange" in nature, appearing suddenly, with red, angry clouds and fierce winds and lightnings.

One night after finding I couldn't contain myself (as such energetic work was joyful for me), I built up a storm a little too quickly in too constrained an area.  I accidentally killed someone with that storm. I know this because her spirit instantly appeared to me, put her hand on mine and sent an emotion rippling through my body.

It was the emotion of "Forgiveness."

My heart broke when that happened. I can't begin to explain the panic and remorse at having a spirit I'd accidentally injured in life come to show me love and forgiveness.

That night was the first time I was successful in consciously shifting myself from one version of reality to another of my own choosing. You see, that spirit that appeared and sent such loving forgiveness to me was someone I recognized and love probably more than anyone else on Earth. It was a vision of my baby sister.

She had been on the way home from the grocery store when the storm hit. Having her come forgive me for accidentally building up the energy that caused the flash flood that killed her was too much for me. My instinct kicked in and I reached up to my Higher Self and implored Him to help control the energies as I tried to shift to a version of Earth where the storm didn't kill my sister.

Self/God Answered.

And as is frequently the case, the great Divine and beautiful version of what really lives in this vessel named "Robert" answered my supplication and did something that rotated my aura around me in a very specific way. I sensed my Astral Light body engage in a way I'd never felt before, and I was in a Trance instantly.

Ascension Symptoms
Comet ISON

My Higher Self took Full Control

 I still do not have the ability to consciously quantum jump from one Earth to another that has extremely major changes between the two. Doing so is a careful understanding of frequency manipulation over the whole body, and where I am now I can't consciously jump but I can always ask my Higher Self for the ability. (And so can you, as it's a natural ability of the fully evolved Human Being)

As I shifted dimensionally, I watched the vision of my beloved sister fade away as her truck (that had been hit by the flood just moments before) materialized in front of me in my parents' driveway. The storm faded to a minor rain as well. I ran inside my parents house, where I was visiting, to find my sister standing in the kitchen. She had just arrived and was surprised she'd apparently walked right past me without seeing me.

This was a different outcome - a different but also very real part of the Multivariate Multiverse that makes up what is around us - that which we call our "reality."

This was a version of Earth where my sister would still live, as the trauma of my understanding that my joyful but misguided energy work had killed my only sister, well, that trauma would be more difficult than the lesson from my mistakes warranted.

That version of Earth still exists.

I understood that the lesson was this: be careful of what you do, as manipulating the 3D world will have very real physical effects, and yes, people can be injured or even killed from manipulations of the physical plane.

In short, I learned that if I was truly wishing to continue on a path that would result in gifting me with what may seem like power, then I would have to be worthy of such responsibility, such priviledge and such exhilarating information.

I was asked at this point if I would accept my position as an Apprentice, working to further understanding while undergoing a rapid physical Ascension Process. 

With humility and gratitude, 

I gladly accept such an honor and privilege. 

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