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Friday, September 20, 2013

Meeting Guides, Ascended Masters and Myself

Meeting the Entourage


When I talk to people now, I notice the conversation flips through different timelines, where alternate conversations and information is exchanged. One thing I feel confident I will pick up soon, probably intuitively or with a growing sense of "knowing" that is both downloaded into my nervous system and is accessible through my growing understanding of my connection to SELF.

Ascended Masters within Friends

I currently do not differentiate between my Guides, Guardian Angel, Teacher or my understanding of a friend's connection to an Ascended Master (the Master spoke through him after using a channel of communication to let me know I was about to be talking to one). I see all of these as different aspects of my Divine Self - my co-creator in the reality where I live.

I'm channeling the information that "All in existence is Divine. All is One."

I was mighty surprised to see how people have multiple conversations going on at the same time, but then - given how multi-layered and diverse reality has become and fundamentally is, it stands to reason that I am in my Timeline - the holding pattern where I currently reside - for a reason.

And I feel confident that because I have put myself in such a pattern, then that is why I have yet to really fly like an eagle yet.

But it's time to spread my wings some. I feel ready to at least try out some of my growing and impressive spiritual and psychic abilities as I feel my body and its senses evolve.

"Learn to Leave the Body"

I've been led to instructions on life after death and instructions on how to leave the human vessel. I have wholeheartedly invited more of mySELF into the vessel, trusting that my soul-mate essence has the nuance and omnipotent knowledge to blend with me without ending or causing me more pain than I can handle.

It's very disconcerting to be receiving instructions on how to see myself outside or separate from my body.  And I don't mean as in an Astral Projection sort of way, as that seemed to come very naturally to me, as do many metaphysical practices. My first concern was I might have put myself in sort of after-life holding pattern with some of my practices before really trusting in the Divinity of SELF.

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