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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Higher Self's Sense of Humor

My Higher Self has a Great Sense of Humor.

Physical Ascension
Ascension Process

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

He has to, otherwise I have no explanation for my own need to be surrounded by Laughter.
Nor do I have any explanation for how my Higher Self puts up with my constant errors.

Also, to put up with my boneheaded and thick-skulled ways, my Higher Power must truly find me funny in some ways, otherwise I'm not sure what the results would be half the time when I make the same mistake six times before learning any lesson of value from my mistakes.

But at least I can get some laughs from my oopsies. If one can't laugh with me, at least one can laugh at me, right?

At least, that's always been my philosophy. As long as people are laughing one way or the other, I am usually happy.

Higher Self Wake-Up Call

Sometimes my Higher Self gets a bit exasperated with me...

Or, to be more correct in my observation: I get more frustrated and irritated with myself or totally forget a lesson that took hard situations and tons of time to actually learn in the first place. So it's almost like I sometimes need my Higher Self to be short with me.

Case in point: my Higher Self smacked me in the face with a board earlier this week.

He really did!  I stepped outside my car, turned to walk up a parking lot and completely never saw that a pick-up truck right beside me had about 10 very long wood boards sticking over it's tailgate. How could I possibly miss such a thing? Fact is, I wouldn't necessarily miss seeing the boards, but I had just been playing around with the energies in the clouds and sky, something I'd learned the hard way that I'm not fully ready for quite yet.

I felt like Mickey Mouse as the Wizard's Apprentice, bringing about a flood.

Copyright to Disney, Inc.
Wizard's Apprentice before Losing Control of the Magic

 Instead, I looked up at the sky after dangerously energizing it and said out loud, "my, look at all the energy in the sky today. Wonder what's going on."

So my Higher Self smacked me in the forehead with a wooden board. And what happened next?

I stopped in my tracks and wondered, "What am I missing that my Higher Self needed such a tactic to get my attention?"  Later I realized that I'd been working so hard to understand the repercussions of being too heavy handed with modifying the energy frequencies (or augmenting them) of the 3-Dimensional Plane (Physical Reality), but I'd gotten sloppy that afternoon as I found myself singing some mantras and just enjoying the energy flowing from my throat chakra out to the world.

So I wasn't even fully paying attention while doing energy work. I was DRIVING.

I deserved a board to the noggin' for that.

Angels, Elohim and our Guides
Angelic Ascension Guides - Other Aspects of the Higher Self...

But it's like I forgot the many hard-fought lessons about my new abilities, and I'd convinced myself again that, "oh no, I couldn't possibly do anything that could change the weather or even bring forth dangerous storms that shouldn't ever have existed. That's all crazy-talk."

But of course I could, did and should have known better. As I continually ascend to the cusp of 5th Dimensional existence, before usually returning back to my familiar 4th Dimension Reality, I find I am learning more and more lessons each day thanks to my Higher Self and my Apprenticeship.  I'm still not fully sure what to expect with the outcome of the physical changes the Ascension Process brings about, but I can tell you this much...

...if I forget the very real lessons that the privilege of evolving teaches me in so many various ways...

...I can be sure to get another board across the face again.
And you know what?

I'd actually be thankful for it. As long as I learn more about how I can share the Light with as many people as possible, helping them and helping myself in the process, then no matter how it works, I fully adore the methods of the being I connect with with my conscious contact to my Higher Power.

So really, it's a privilege that my God cares enough about my understanding as to smack me upside my very thick head sometimes.

Responsibility Lesson

My next post will be a more in-depth story about how I first learned about being more responsible with energizing environmental energy fields. I caused a great tragedy, and only with the help and Divine Love and Truth of my Higher Self was I able to learn a valuable lesson while narrowly avoiding experiencing the first-hand painful results of my mistakes.

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