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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Arcturian Channeled Message and Exercise to Improve Frequency Change

I ask that the channel be opened brighter, thicker, more resolute and firm. The channel to SELF is permanent, ever-lasting, infinite and unshakable. I AM connected, and I ask, implore, command and compel ALL to be in alignment so that the channeled message be clear.

Robert Wiley Hughey - The Ascended Apprentice

This message was revealed as from the Arcturians:

Greetings Dear Ones.

Let me just exist here a moment longer in the experience - oh, the joy of loving you, dear one. The Love that IS washes away all the distortion, the baser frequencies, the energies that have locked you in place for so very long. This love - the love that IS - it is more than just a part of you:

 it IS YOU.

Your SOUL matrix was shattered and broken when incarnating into this form. YOU knew this would happen, as you knew this alignment would address this issue.

ALL is NOW. All are One.

DO not despair at the perceived negativity, the pain, the fear, the darkness. All such distortion may be released and transmuted by simply acknowledging it, forgiving any perceived hard and then thanking that energy for its lessons and assistance in the further exploration of SELF.

An Exercise to Improve Frequency Change

·        Hold your hands up toward the center of your chest, wherein you’ll find access to your Sacred Heart Chakra. This is your core connection to SELF – to your SOUL, which is the YOU of YOU: what your “really” are.

·        While in this physical pose, bring forward the awareness of that which causes pain, fear or disgust. Bring focus on this person, place, circumstance or situation…

·        Say to yourself , “I forgive you for every pain and fear I thought you’d caused me to experience. I recognize my own responsibility in the creation and maintenance of such perceived pain, and I forgive you for it.”

·        Really give in to the Frequency you feel – that frequency of Forgiveness. Allow it to radiate from the center of your chest, within and through your Sacred Heart Chakra – allow this vibration, this specific frequency of BEing to course through your entire physical body through every cell, nerve, from your Heart Core all the way to the tips of your fingers and toes.

·        Feel the dissipation of the pain, allow it to go – let it evaporate from your awareness.

·        Say “Thank you” to the pain as it goes, recognizing it as a teacher but that the student has outgrown the teacher and moves on to higher levels of understanding and awareness.

This exercise is one specific way of many that may assist you, Dear Ones, in alleviating that which holds you down in the lower frequencies of anger, despair, pain and fear. It is one of many that are already coded into your human vehicles, and is only a simplistic way of viewing the transmutation of the lower frequencies that is what you came to this place, this timeline, this Earth to do. 

As you dispel the lower frequencies, the higher frequencies that are your SELF and SOUL in TRUTH will continue to course through your human vehicle – accelerating your Ascension and your reunion with your SELF.

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