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About Me (updated July 2020)

Why Am I Called the Ascended Apprentice?

by Robert Hughey

This blog is undergoing a transformation currently, but let me introduce myself. My name is Robert Hughey. I'm 41 and a resident of Americus, GA, where I'm a senior English major at the local University. While finishing my degree, I'm also working in the University's Writing Center as a Writing Consultant, helping other students with their writing assignments and projects.

The rest of this "About Me" section was created several years ago. I'll leave it up in case anyone would like to read what I thought of myself at that time of my life. I have shifted quite a bit since then, and my most-recent  blog posts  reflect that.

I'll update the rest of this page soon, but you can find me on Twitter or Facebook at the above links. I'd love to meet more people who visit this website.

* * *

What this blog says about me (as of May 2015) is very powerfully affecting my divine reality and personal perspective on the Universe in very profound ways.

First off, "about me" is simply answered as, "I'm an incarnation of Love. I am a human-angel-god consciousness, a Guardian of this Timespace Place, and I self-identify as an angel related to Archangel Metatron, Lord of Light.

This is going to be quite a different "About Me' than before.

And, somehow, I feel totally different than I was the years ago when I wrote my original post, "Why Am I called the Ascended Apprentice?"   I would even answer that question differently.

In short, I dared to declare myself the Apprentice of Elohim, Protege to God Almighty.
And the Gods, yes in plural, responded in FORCE to such a statement. Three years ago, I found myself driving down an isolated dirt road in deep rural South Georgia, my home state.  I pulled up to a place where the ground had been mined down to a massive bed of quartz, and I got out of my car and just was compelled to want to sit down amidst all that crystal.

It was there that, as far as I can tell, that many of the divine beings I work with first revealed themselves to me in person.  They were not just voices in my head or energies for me to channel. They were bright shining orbs and shapes of energies and full of love and, what was highly apparent to me, they were full of divine POWER.  I suddenly found myself standing up and wanting to sing and dance for them, and sing and dance I did.....  probably the best performance of both of my life (and I have almost nine years of voice training and musical theatre)

So I danced and sang for the Gods, the star brothers, the divine stellar beings from interdimensional, metaterrrestrial and extraterrestrial divinity, all of which knew to show up at that specific location, that specific time, that specific moment to be there physically manifest before me.

So what else is there to do in such a moment but to sing and dance in their honor?

I felt like this:

Ascended Apprentice

Ascension, Expanded Consciousness and Spiritual Powers:
All are Real

That's only one instance of my divinely unique and strange journey.  I love every moment of it, though I make so many mistakes constantly.  But, as one of my greatest teachers ever reminded me, it's the "optimum mistakes" that one learns the most from.  So if I fractured a reality here and there, I learn SO much from the journey of learning how to use my abilities to fix such fragmentation. 

"If you create the game, 
then you create the rules"

Feel free to read more about me and my exploits here on my blog. It's all strange tale of a very strange life that I adore every moment I have to enjoy it.  It's been an interesting ride, and it's taken me a while to really understand how privileged I am to live the life I've been gifted.

Since then, I have become attached to a regional mystery school (hi guys!) and continue to meditate, learn, unlearn from past assumptions and learn again that which takes a while to get into my thick skull.

As I always say, I remain teachable. I always learn from my mistakes. I honestly prefer to learn from my triumphs and successes, but it's the trial and error with a whole lot of divine guidance (and correction) that rule my days.   Angels, Gods, Goddesses, Star Family, Divine Guidance and Guards, Priests and Priestesses of the Gods, and sacred and divine beings of all sorts and shapes, across all the elements....  all of these make up what I call my "Support, known and unknown, seen and unseen." They are all the same as me, at their core: "LOVE."

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  1. Very interesting reading. Buddha always cracks me up. He's like the comic relief on my team. Much love and thanks for sharing!