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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Spiritual Identity

 How do you identify Spiritually? 

Heart in the Sky
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Can I ask for a discussion on how we share or how we identify ourselves to others? As you sit there, think about what traditions you follow, or how do you tell kindred people, or your tribe, what you do spiritually and metaphysically?

I'll start to show what I mean.

I call myself "Christo-Pagan" at the local open-minded Cooperative Baptist Church I attend here in my rural SW Georgia town. My church family adores me and gives me opportunities to participate with good people working on projects for the community we live in.

I'm a devotee of Grandmother Universe. I call Her (((GODDESS))) but she calls me her True son.

I am a devotee of Mother Earth and Father Sun, whose energies allowed me to evolve into this human form after billions of years of evolution.

I am a student of the Master Jesus, whose message was always "LOVE EVERYONE," which I still have to work on to this day.

I orient as Chaotic Good, always seeking the greatest good of all while still obtaining the greatest good for myself, where possible and of my own free will.

For those initiated in the magical arts, I tell them that I am an eclectic seeker whose path was chosen before I was born. My life has been a series of events organized by myself and the spiritual armada that supports me in the higher realms. My current path is one of self discovery, learning who I was before this human incarnation and making choices that support my own evolution. I see this as a path anyone could follow, where you seek your greatest joy in life while putting love as the central focus of life.
I see my path as one of self actualization..
I think understanding what we choose to disclose to others, depending on their level of initiation into the mysteries, allows us to better understand where we are on our spiritual path.