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Friday, June 19, 2020

My Near Future (the next few years)

The Beginnings of a Plan

If I go back and reread the entires in this blog, I feel a mixture of sympathy, wonder and, yes, pity too. But somehow I picked myself up and have still survived the best I can living in a body really injured and broken down by how hard I partied in my 20s and 30s. I'm hoping I can revitalize myself through good diet, exercise, some herbal supplements and taking my physician-prescribed medicines everyday. This blog makes me hyper-aware of the bumpy road I've walked in my life.

But doesn't everyone have their own bumpy road? Suffering is something all humans have in common, and we can have compassion with each other if we seek to understand it. Many Spiritual Traditions and Religions teach ways to alleviate or comfort suffering. Some take away a lot of pleasure too, and that just has never really sat well with me. I feel like I'm supposed to enjoy this human life, with liberty and in the pursuit of happiness. 

The life I have now, I am not really that aware of my suffering, as I've reached the point in my life where I'm thankful to be alive each day. I am doing my best to live each day where I continue to increase my education and knowledge of this world. I'm making plans for a late-in-life career.

And that requires engaging with the "ReAL WorLD" and actually finishing my degree. That requires a lot of discipline, but I'm making almost all A's and excelling at school. I was awarded a special scholarship for Non-Traditional students.

I'm in my last year at my University, and I'm already setting my sights on Grad School the following year. I have some options there, regarding what to study and what to choose as a career destination for after I finish my education. I have seven classes to take to finish my Bachelor of Arts in English after this Summer semester. I'm really believing in myself, and I'm convinced I can successfully complete it

I could possibly pursue a Master of Arts in English. I'd be well-qualified and able to succeed in that, I believe. That would be amazing as well as also quite expensive ($30K). I'd be directly using what I've been studying so hard at GSW for my English degree, and I'd be expansing what I could learn about literature, composition and the study of language even further. What I'm studying is shaping how I'm thinking, what I think about and how I feel about the human race looking at it through the lens of our literature.

Or perhaps I could get a Masters in Education in Counseling focused on Mental Health Counseling at a University in a city near my home in rural SW Georgia. I believe this would require a deeper commitment to serving others and a commitment to better myself as best I can to be able to serve people that need help in situations of crisis. That might be a tall order for me, to be honest. But it's a very real option I can consider.

I think what I'm going to do is work hard to fulfill the requirements for both of these two schools, and then depending on financial concerns (which are a very real issue in my pursing a Graduate degree) and where my heart, mind and soul take me as I finally finish a Bachelor's degree after many, many years of working toward one.

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