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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Rays of Creation (The Orange Ray : AA RAPHAEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Orange Ray)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

This is the fourth post on my series of the Rays of Creation. If you missed the first post on the Blue Ray of Creation, ArchAngel JOPHIEL, you can read about those energies on my post on the Ray of Love and Wisdom and you can read about the Yellow Ray of Creation (AA CHAMUEL) at my post on: the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind. And most recently posted, you can read about AA GABRIEL, the Emerald Green Ray here on my post on the Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art.

For the three previous posts on the Rays of Creation, I recognized that each Ray can also be represented by a Day of the Week as well as symbolic of a Day of Creation from the Creation Story written of in Genesis. Today's post actually was a bit different than the previous ones. First off, it's been a week since I posted, and it could be said that the momentum from the Orange Ray of Creation has been building up since last week. Now this is a bit strange to admit, but when I woke up today, it was actually two days ahead of now. It's odd to put into words like this, but I had a goddess have to make a point of telling me I was "ahead of myself" and help me get back to this current time.  

So from my experience, it was Thursday when I needed to be experiencing Tuesday.
Why is this relevant?  Well, the Orange Ray is the Ray of the 4th Day of Creation, Thursday, named for "Thor" the "God of Thunder" and "Heir to the Throne" in many different symbols across human culture. Thor's Day "Thursday" is a powerfully energetic day, and for my own working understanding of these divine energies of Creation, I interact and am enjoying the process of working with the vast energies and face of the Creator that present to my level of comprehension as the ArchAngel RAPHAEL.

The Orange Ray of Creation is the 
"Ray of Knowledge and Science."


AA RAPHAEL: Orange Ray: Knowledge and Science.

Interactions with the ArchAngel 

      I have an interesting story to share about my own interaction with the powerful and loving radiance that is my understanding of the ArchAngel RAPHAEL.  I asked permission to share it here, and if there was ever a way to energetically convey a "rolling of the eyes" expression with the answer of "whatever" combined with "if you want, go ahead," then that would be a basic way to describe the response I'm even getting right this moment as I write this paragraph.

     Starting several months ago I began creating visual art for the first time in decades. I quickly found myself creating really interesting abstract pieces that each represented symbolic understanding of different Angelic Essences - all ArchAngels, but each a different ArchAngel I was coming to find involved in my life experience on a personal level. With each picture, I would ask the ArchAngel that was the focus of it to please focus away from the picture as much as possible while I was making it because I very much wanted to share the very human experience of a "surprise gift" with the ArchAngel. I must admit that I'm rather impressed still that each ArchAngel was able to both help me create the picture as well as keep a good bit of their focus off of it so I could have a "revealing."

        The picture created in honor of AA RAPHAEL is quite beautiful. It looks like "sound waves" rolling across it (as the "music of the spheres") and a symbolic ArchAngel riding atop and along in harmony with the celestial sounds.  At least, that's how i currently interpret it.  When I had the big moment of reveal to AA RAPHAEL, I don't mean to sound disappointed, but His response wasn't exactly to jump up and down with excitement. He was very calm, very kind about it, didn't say anything negative about it at all, but was quite balanced in response. Since I honestly was aiming at really "wowing" the ArchAngel, I almost felt like I didn't quite meet expectation. least, I felt that way until it was time to put the picture in a frame.

The frame I had for the picture was a little smaller than the entire picture I had created, but I saw that I could easily fold in two sides of the picture to frame it perfectly. And that's exactly what I started to do, bend in the sides of the picture.  I would say I wasn't even halfway through with one side of the picture when I suddenly had a VERY up-close and personal ArchAngel RAPHAEL with me. I don't have the exact words to describe exactly the emotions and message he expressed in his entrance, but it was a combination of "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY PICTURE?" and "DON'T MESS IT UP!" I also believed or thought I could sense an underlying love and appreciation that I did not realize was there all along regarding the picture, its creation and the energies and connections that were strengthened by the creation of the picture.

 I was able to explain myself and what my intentions were that day, but AA RAPHAEL was right there beside me, practically holding the frame while I molded the picture into the right shape for the framing. At the time, I was mostly touched by what I was feeling, but looking back, I am glad I didn't really focus on the very present "don't mess up" energy that was being communicated too.

ArchAngel RAPHAEL's Orange Ray is Knowledge and Science, and one might say upon first solid two-way conversation between us, He felt very much the Scientist or Clinician (AA RAPHAEL is also well-known for His focus on Medicine and the Healing Sciences), but perhaps unlike the Human Healers He blesses and supports, He both cultivates clinical detachment while at the same time is completely another face of the unconditional powerful loving energies of SOURCE. He's one of what I choose to recognize as God, along with His Creator, as what I have been shown as "ArchAngel" and the -EL ending to their names point out: they are one and the same with that which I call "The Father" or "Mother-Father God."

I do realize I'm being shown baby steps of comprehension of Divinity. I also create angels, orbs and Djinn, as I have long considered myself the Apprentice of Heavenly Father, ever since I was asked who was my ultimate role model and I just knew in my heart that my only answer was that I wanted to be like God, as much as I possibly could.
It was soon after then that I began a conscious contact and conversation with the multidimensional God who is Love. And it is in working with these ArchAngels and the Rays of Creation, that very real and positive change is occurring in me and my life experience.

Enough so that I am being more open about my interactions with the ArchAngels publically like this, as perhaps the same blessings will be felt by those that read these posts on the Rays of Creation. 

I wanted to share this story about AA RAPHAEL here for several reasons. I wanted to share my personal experience that has taught me that the ArchAngels are very multi-leveled in their feelings, not unlike humans in their understanding of the wide range of emotions and feelings we experience in our human lives. Though I'd say the ArchAngels and perhaps many of the Angelic Races may also share this, but they do seem to be much better in control of what they express or emote energetically, from thoughts to emotions. And I also wished to share that in my experience, the ArchAngels have very real and different personalities, different interests, distinctive essences to each one of them...
and yet.... I don't have the right words to describe the depth of their love - love that is unconditionally shared in a way I'm aspiring to be an example of in my life. 

It's that underlying POWERFUL love that is unifying and alike in all of them, and I have no better words other than to recognize the powerful Divinity they are and its "Love without Conditions" that colors all of what they are and what they do.  Each AA has untold eons (and more) of experience, and yet, it feels wrong to say they each are anything less than a whole and complete perspective of that which is the energy that Creates Worlds.

But that would be a little scary for me to start off with in my direct interactions, I guess. Baby steps, right?  So we're learning of the Rays of Creation here together, while keeping aware of the magnitude of what we're working with, we are still invited to call on the Rays as they are offered here and to receive the blessings of each of the energies, entities and divinities represented by each Ray as each ArchAngel.

* * *