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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Rays of Creation (Blue Ray - AA JOPHIEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Blue Ray)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

There is a lot of information around about Archangels and different Rays of Creation. Upon searching through the information as well as with my own creation abilities, I began interacting with the energies of Creation, the energies that continue to work, create and exist around us and the heavenly bodies of the solar system, galaxy and universe itself.

So I am creating a framework alongside these Energies of Creation. As humans, we "see" 1% of the Light Spectrum, and we consolidate that rainbow of colors to seven primary colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. These can be called the "Rays of Creation" to work with the many, many energies that come together to form us and the creation we are a  part of.

Each Ray of Creation also corresponds to a day of the week and a Day of Creation (from the symbolic story of the Genesis Story). I am beginning with the first day of Creation, Monday (which is today actually, how convenient), known as the "Moon Day," and the first Ray of Creation can be collectively called the Archangel of the Moon, representing the energies, divinities, supportive beings and lifeforms of our beloved Moon.

This Ray appears as "Blue" in Material Plane. This is not necessarily related to those individuals who are said to be "Blue Ray Incarnations," though the energies of this Ray are certainly a part of the creation and guidance of such individuals. All the Rays of Creation are present in the lives of all human beings, as together they work in divine perfection to create, maintain, evolve and fulfill the divine plan of the creation.

The Blue Ray has many "colors" as all the Rays do; they each can and do utilize the entire spectrum of Light. 

The Blue Ray of Creation is the "Ray of Love and Wisdom"

Archangel JOPHIEL 

The Ray of Love and Wisdom has been revealed to me and works best to my own personal perspective as the energies that can be appropriately known as the Archangel Jophiel.  When working with AA Jophiel's energies today in communication and prayer, the following picture was selected to very appropriately represent (symbolically) to be the Archangel.
Interestingly, he was very pleased with the Angel here having "Gossimer Wings" and the energies represented seem relative to the faeries who are in the picture too.
Rays of Creation
Ray of Creation: ArchAngel JOPHIEL

ArchAngel of Monday 
"Moon Day"
Archangel of Luna (Moon)

Invoke this Ray of Creation for love, illumination, wisdom 
and enhanced and augmented perception.


: The Rays of Creation are all the spectrum of Light, and the Blue Ray is representative as "blue" in the Material Plane (where we humans tend to be most focused as we associate our material bodies as our primary focal point).  The Blue Ray is also well-associated and represented along with the following colors, and gems, stones and other materials of these colors can be utilized to interact and benefit from the association and flow of the Ray of Creation with these colors:

(For Crystals, Gems, Stones, Amulets, etc.)

Light blue to tap into
illumination and wisdom

Pink for "divine love"

Yellow topaz for


Call for AA Jophiel for more heart-centered communications; for more wisdom and perception of the meaning of communications


Engage the energies of the Blue Ray of Creation and Archangel Jophiel to become more heart-centered, receive wisdom, enhance perception by augmenting your physical and "spiritual" senses. In my own experience, the blessings of this Ray of Creation really do affect what you sense in the world around and within you.

Call for Archangel Jophiel today. The Rays of Creation are available for us at this time and are a safe, loving and especially interactive collection of Creative Force Energies. They are a beautiful way to utilize the energy that creates worlds, ours included, and we are invited at this time to step forward as conscious co-creators of our life experience and the world around us.

Please share with me your experiences as you call for the Blue Ray of Creation and Archangel Jophiel's Presence in your life.  May you have a most enlightening and enjoyable experience with the Ray of Love and Wisdom. Bless you and thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet.

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