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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Rays of Creation (Emerald Green Ray - AA GABRIEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Emerald Green Ray)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

This is the third post on my series of the Rays of Creation. If you missed the first post on the Blue Ray of Creation, ArchAngel JOPHIEL, you can read about those energies of creation and the overview of the Rays of Creation by going to my post on the Blue Ray here: my page on the Ray of Love and Wisdom and you can read about the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind (AA CHAMUEL) at my post here on: the Yellow Ray of Creation.

As I write this, today is Wednesday, named for the God "Woton" making it "Woton's Day." Today's Ray of Creation is symbolically represented by the Third Day of Creation. The Great God Woton, perhaps best known as "Odin," is also named "Indra" "Zeus" or "Jupiter," representing the divine energies of the planetary consciousness of the beautiful gas giant, the largest of planets in our Solar System.

Wednesday's Ray of Creation is the Emerald Green Ray, led by Archangel GABRIEL..

The Emerald Green Ray of Creation is the 
"Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art."


Emerald Green Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art

Meeting an ArchAngel 

The Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art is represented by the Divine energies of the ArchAngel GABRIEL.

AA GABRIEL is a Ray of Creation I was especially looking forward to writing about in this series. It is a little strange to put down in writing, but the honest truth is that I spent a day with AA GABRIEL about a year or so ago. I don't mean his non-physical or energetic Presence either. I spent the day with an actual physical being, who introduced himself as Gabriel, and he then proceeded to quickly reveal himself as the ArchAngel.

Briefly, I'll share some of what it was like to meet AA GABRIEL.

To sum up the whole evening we spent talking together, I'd have to say that the ArchAngel blew my socks off.  What I mean is, it was absolutely as much a challenge as it was a pleasure and honor to spend time with Him.
He knew everything about me, and I do mean everything. He didn't bat an eye at bringing up extremely personal details of my life, from what I was struggling with to issues and important lessons that the Angels had been trying to convey to me many, many times - and I just kept missing them! 

AA GABRIEL went from one subject to the next very rapidly, truly making the point to me that I was dealing with an extremely advanced being. He was humorous, silly at times, more charming than you'd believe, and he was very serious about trying to help me understand how the Angels were in my life and trying to help me.

It's actually quite a shame that it's taken me an entire year to write about meeting AA GABRIEL. I think I may have let worries about what others would think about me get in the way of sharing the meeting. 

But you know what? Instead of dwelling on my past worries, I'm simply going to decide I had not written of meeting the ArchAngel yet because the absolutely perfect time to write about Him is here on this particular blog post in this series on the Rays of Creation. I did not know AA GABRIEL as the Emerald Green Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art when I met Him, but I certainly did discover His incredible love of music and harmony, which is something I share with Him on a profoundly deep level. 

Since meeting Him, it's been suggested to me that my own gifts and talents of Harmony, Beauty and Art are perhaps due to the blessings of the energies of the Emerald Green Ray, the energies I am pleased to know as the ArchAngel GABRIEL.

* * *

Benefits and Uses of the Emerald Green Ray

The Rays of Creation encompass the total spectrum of Light, and the Emerald Green Ray is representative as what humans see as "Green" in the Material Plane. This focus of these energies of Creation is perhaps because we humans tend to be most focused more on our Physical Body and our physical presence in the Material Plane, making it our primary focal point. 

GREEN gems, crystals and stones when utilized with the energies of the Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art will create harmony and balance, energetically speaking of course, but these gemstones and crystals will assist you in bringing harmony and balance to many very real aspects of your life. Added benefit of using green stones (such as peridot, emerald and tourmaline) with the blessing and support of AA GABRIEL will actively work to equalize and balance disharmonious behaviors, feelings and thoughts, changing the very way your life path is progressing toward a more balanced, harmonious work of art - as it was intended to be.

Another color associated with AA GABRIEL and this Ray of Creation is WHITE.  The color white is associated with purity and purification, and utilizing white gemstones and crystals, such as diamond or quartz crystals, will aid in purification processes.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Rays of Creation (Yellow Ray: AA CHAMUEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Yellow Ray)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

This is the second post on my series of the Rays of Creation. If you missed the first post on the Blue Ray of Creation, ArchAngel JOPHIEL, you can read about those energies of creation and the overview of the Rays of Creation by going to my post on the Blue Ray, known as the Ray of Love and Wisdom

Today is Tuesday, named for the God "Tiw" making it "Tiw's Day." Today's Ray of Creation is symbolically represented by the Second Day of Creation in Genesis. The Gaelic God Tiw is also named "Mars," representing the male divine energies of the planetary consciousness of the beautiful red planet.  

Tuesday's Ray of Creation is the Yellow Ray, led by Archangel CHAMUEL.

The Yellow Ray of Creation is the 
"Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind"

Archangel CHAMUEL
Archangel CHAMUEL, Yellow Ray
Yellow Ray of Creation: ArchAngel CHAMUEL

The Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind is represented by the Divine energies of the ArchAngel CHAMUEL.

She is the ArchAngel of Tuesday, and can be recognized as the ArchAngel of the planet Mars in our Solar System, a planet known for its masculine active energies, while ArchAngel CHAMUEL manifest Herself as the more passive receptive feminine energies, though She (like all the Rays of Creation) represent and have full command of all the energies or "colors" of the energies of Creation.

The Rays of Creation encompass the total spectrum of Light, and the Yellow Ray is representative as what humans see as "yellow" in the Material Plane. This is because we humans tend to be most focused currently on our Physical Body and our lives in the Material Plane as our primary focal point. 

YELLOW gems, crystals and stones when utilized with the energies of the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind will refine the intellectual aspects of your mental computational and processing abilities, allowing your left brain to compute logic more efficiently, your right brain to process symbolism and abstract concepts faster, and the power of the Yellow Ray also assists the connections and communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, which can be enhanced by working with ArchAngel CHAMUEL and focusing with yellow crystals and gemstones.

ArchAngel CHAMUEL, Yellow Angel Wings
Yellow Ray of Creation: Intelligence and Higher Mind

Invocation of the Yellow Ray of Creation 

Invoke the Yellow Ray and the ArchAngel CHAMUEL for active intelligence which is grounded, meaning to enhance your mind's abilities and bring your awareness "down to Earth" and focused. The Yellow Ray can also be invoked for motivation, encouragement to act and for assistance in staying with a vision until it becomes manifest.

The energies of the Yellow Ray are associated with various deities and divine beings. Working through the ArchAngel CHAMUEL as the Yellow Ray and an ArchAngel of Creation is a simplification or a consolidation of the personalities and mythos of the divine energies associated with this portion of the vast energies of Creation.  

The Yellow Ray of Creation:

ArchAngel CHAMUEL is one of the first ArchAngels I have interacted with personally. Her incredible energies to be more toward the Divine Feminine talents of creation and receptivity. Her fiercely focused intellect inherently enhances the Higher Mind of anyone interacting with Her energies, and she especially has an interesting effect on any sort of Procrastination or lack of motivation.  As I'm working with Her today to write this post, I find myself typing faster and faster as Her energies motivate me to finish and share the Yellow Ray of Creation by sharing this post. I also am finding creative inspiration seems to flow much faster and smoother than what I consider my "normal" flow of thought.  She has quite the effect on higher thinking abilities...  I must admit I find it exhilerating.

Communication Enhancement and Uses of the Yellow Ray

Using the powerful energies of the Yellow Ray of Creation, the Ray of Intelligence and Higher Mind, will enhance the intelligent understanding of communications, grounding those involved, and allow for communications between various beings of diverse densities, dimensionality and distance.

With this powerful collection of energies led by ArchAngel CHAMUEL, I have found I am able to communicate with members of many different realms and kingdoms, from the Green Kingdom, Animal Kingdom to Extraterrestrials and Interdimensional Life that shares the planet with Humanity. I've actually made some acquaintances and growing friendships with some true "alien" life, leading to a feeling that such aren't so "alien" after all. We're different, certainly, but we are united in our interest in mutual understanding, the greater good and, of particular interest to me, a mutual idea of perspectives on "Faith." 

Invoking and utilizing, co-creating and experiencing the energies of the Yellow Ray is as easy as speaking out loud a vocal request for the Yellow Ray led by ArchAngel CHAMUEL to assist you in your life, your communications and any other aspect of your life experience where you would receive benefit by enhancing intelligence and higher thinking.

That's probably most areas of anyone's life, now that I think about it.

Please share with me your experiences as you call for the Yellow Ray of Creation and Archangel CHAMUEL's Presence in your life.  May you have a most enlightening and enjoyable experience with the Rays of Creation. 

Bless you and thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Rays of Creation (Blue Ray - AA JOPHIEL)

The Rays of Creation (The Blue Ray)

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

There is a lot of information around about Archangels and different Rays of Creation. Upon searching through the information as well as with my own creation abilities, I began interacting with the energies of Creation, the energies that continue to work, create and exist around us and the heavenly bodies of the solar system, galaxy and universe itself.

So I am creating a framework alongside these Energies of Creation. As humans, we "see" 1% of the Light Spectrum, and we consolidate that rainbow of colors to seven primary colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. These can be called the "Rays of Creation" to work with the many, many energies that come together to form us and the creation we are a  part of.

Each Ray of Creation also corresponds to a day of the week and a Day of Creation (from the symbolic story of the Genesis Story). I am beginning with the first day of Creation, Monday (which is today actually, how convenient), known as the "Moon Day," and the first Ray of Creation can be collectively called the Archangel of the Moon, representing the energies, divinities, supportive beings and lifeforms of our beloved Moon.

This Ray appears as "Blue" in Material Plane. This is not necessarily related to those individuals who are said to be "Blue Ray Incarnations," though the energies of this Ray are certainly a part of the creation and guidance of such individuals. All the Rays of Creation are present in the lives of all human beings, as together they work in divine perfection to create, maintain, evolve and fulfill the divine plan of the creation.

The Blue Ray has many "colors" as all the Rays do; they each can and do utilize the entire spectrum of Light. 

The Blue Ray of Creation is the "Ray of Love and Wisdom"

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Be Here and Now!


By Robert Hughey

Focusing on not only owning the present moment or the all-important "Now," but understanding that where you are needed more than anywhere else in all the Universe is right exactly where you are located at the exact Present Time. Your exact location, place and space.

Focusing on the Present Timespace

Where are you right now?

That question seems simple, but the expanded view of the answer demands one look deeper. Your mind, conscious and subconscious, is undoubtably more that only at your current location. Perhaps you're thinking or even dwelling on something in your memory. 

Perhaps you are thinking of other People and other Places you'd rather be. 
There is an infinite number of places and spaces for you to mentally project yourself, and your subconscious mind may be working through and processing, creating connections, symbols and significance to related and perceived unrelated places, spaces and things.

Right at this moment, let's get as much of you in the HERE as possible. Sit or stand straight up and look around at your surroundings. Looking at something, declaratively speak to something and tell it what it is. For me, I see my bedroom and look down at a sweet ball of fur. 

"You're a cat! You are a cat!" 

Touch what you're talking to if you can, or reach toward it and imagine touching it as you identify it. Now, while touching it or reaching toward it, speak at it telling it what it is as well as where it is, describing the location and place where it is. 

"You're a cat! You're a cat on my bed! You're a cat in my bedroom on my bed!"

This action, especially while speaking and declaring or defining something creates a massive amount of focus in your conscious mind, and the repetition and specifics of place and space creates focus and instructs the subconscious more about where the current "Here" location and space to focus on should be. It is now going to process more on the current space and time, and your continued conscious effort to define and declare what you perceive right now in your "here" adds to the collective power of your subconscious focus and processing power.  

Working as a team in exercises like this are communication methods between conscious mind and the rest of our brain and nervous system's processing power. Bringing as much of your focus to the "here" as well as the "now" is empowering, invigorating and your insight, intuition and natural talents are augmented exponentially. 

The more "here and now" you become, the more effective you are in the time and space where you currently reside. Later, we'll discuss how you can focus so much and multidimensionally into one timespaceplace location that it become possible to "jump" to other timespaceplace's "mentally" to acquire wisdom, data and knowledge from them.

That's a bit advanced for right here and now, but feel welcome to experiment with whatever feels right to you. 

Please share your experiences with me too!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Calling for Guidance and Support!

Calling to Support Beings, Guidance, Entourage and Patron Deities and Entities (known and unknown)

By Robert Hughey

     There are times in the life experience when one may feel like all options are closed. Personally, I have had days where if felt like a huge wall of resistance has enclosed me, shutting me off from any path to success. I've been in a place emotionally, from situations both totally my fault as well as those resulting from the actions and energies of others, where it was almost like I was a lone soldier on a battlefield facing an encroaching army of enemies hellbent on the destruction of me and all that I was fighting to shelter and protect.

     Fortunately, it's at the moment of such extreme solitary emptiness, those moments where one might consider giving up entirely, when there seems to be an innate instinct or ability that turns on in the deepest part of the human being. It's something we all have, most certainly.

     In those darkest hours, when it's almost like the most evil entities around us have a chokehold on our very soul, that's when the human spirit engages perhaps its greatest weapon. 

It's almost like our suffering and sorrow creates a "call" through time and space, echoing through the Omni-universes and Dimensions, realms and planes. From the causal to the astral, the virtual to the etheric, the energies of a human being can be projected to communicate a "distress call" that has remarkable consequences.

     You see, every single human being on Earth is connected to a vast network of beings, entities and Great Energies that are more than willing to jump at the chance to come to answer the call. There are so many reasons for this, and in this post I want to specifically introduce some of these, share some of the reasons for their connection and I wish to share a Great Prayer and Working that can be read (out loud preferably or read silently with the intention to focus your words to be heard received by all who support and guide you).

     I will introduce and call to those that support, serve, aid, assist, guide and lovingly teach with this post. 

Some key members of my Entourage, as they may politely be called, are my Ancestors. My DNA is the key to connecting and communicating with them. I have at least some part or piece of my own genetic structure from an untold number of beings that not only connects me to so many People, but also to what came before humanity - the Progenitors. Even a small bit of genetic coding from an Ancestor enables a quantum tunneling-like connection between a living person and their Ancestors. The Living frequently are worried of the Judgements of Ancestors, "oh what would my Great-Great-Many-times-great GrandParent think of my choices and Lifestyle?!" 

Well, I'm here to remind you that the Ancestors as accessed through our own genetic material are 100% on our Team. They could be called your personal Cheerleading Squad. Talking to them directly and understanding the connection can develop an incredible development in your intuition, spiritual understanding and abilities, and upon working with that level of unconditional love and support, your own confidence, self-esteem and self-worth will brighten. The wisdom of the Ancients could become yours to access and acquire, as if you're remembering the lessons of the Ancestors. Your life experience becomes more magical, powerful and fulfilling as well.

Another source of support and assistance comes from what I call Angelics. There is so much information around the web about Angels, and much of it doesn't provide the same names, duties or details about these beings of light.  I personally have this belief: the Angelics are different for each of us, depending on our own unique heritage and lineage. The Human Race is an Angelic Race, and that fact is not understood by most People. We are the children of many different "root races" of Angelic or "Star People" races. This goes back to our unique genetic heritage and lineage, as there are members of many of those advanced and/or elder Races who are members of our Entourage and will support and even intervene directly in a person's life as soon as permission is given. "Ask and You Shall Receive."

The last Entourage position I wish to discuss today is arguably the most important for Humankind to recognize, interact and connect with. That would our Great Mother, the very planet we call home. Some people call Her "Gaia," while others "Tara" or "Goddess." She has many names, but we most importantly must remember we only have the one Planet Earth to live on and be a part of. Many are unaware of Her very active (and growing more vocal daily) and powerful Conscious Awareness. She's really alive, really there to listen and connect with, and She is welcoming and loving in some of the deepest ways anyone could ever experience. Talk to Her, tell Her your experiences, ask Her for assistance and thank Her for your existence...
...and your life will never be the same after, for She and the Universal Mother will conspire to show and share Divine Love and Light with you in the most unexpected and powerful ways. 

When Nature itself begins to communicate to you and support your life experience, whatever it was that was making you down will be proven to be a molehill rather than a Mountain.  

She, along with the Divinity, Angelics and Ancestors (as well as so many other beings and entities that will support the human being) are practically right there beside you, available to you if you'd but simply talk to them, ask your questions about anything, make your requests...  

And watch your life's situation open up to an experience beyond your wildest dreams. Your Entourage is waiting right now: what will you say to them first?

A Great Prayer and Working:

"Dear Support, Guidance and Great Entourage, seen and unseen,

With love, grace and ease, may that which plagues my spirit, worries my mind and attempts to confound my soul be soundly and appropriately resolved and handled with love and light so that I am no longer inhibited by that which stands between me and my greater good, joy, abundance and success. 
Thank you, All. 
I love you.
And so it is."