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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Metatron: "Message to All Incarnated Angels"

Message to all incarnated Angels from
Archangel Metatron, Lord of Light.

channeled and published by Robert Hughey

Channeled Message from the Angels

"Greetings Dear One.

I am the Archangel Metatron, called the Lord of Light, and I bring forth a message and energies of activation and understanding to all beings related to, incarnated from or associated with the energies and beings known as "Angels."

We know you have always been very close to us and have always found yourself interested in subjects of "God's Angels" or "Lights in the Skies."  You've watched some videos and read various channeled messages about the beings that we are, the entities that we are, the divinity that we are.  We are aware of your drive toward information on such matters, and we are here today to shed some light on this subject. 

One of the mistakes of the current time is the general idea that angels and humans are not capable of uniting in a very physical way.  Many years ago there was a covenant against reproduction between humanity (the humans of that era) and with us, beings called "angels" or "star people."  The truth is that we are your progenitors, or parent races, and our kinds of beings have reproduced within the human population since its creation an untold number of eons ago.  Ancient texts on the matter refer to the resultant offspring as the "Nephilim" and speaks as if they were eradicated.

This is not a "fact" of the reality of this world's history.  There were obviously many more survivors of the Deluge (or Great Flood) than one solitary ship. These myths in the human psyche and collective consciousness are not best considered to be literal.

There are a great number of individuals incarnate on this Earth right now who are the descendants of the Nephilim. You whom this channel is written for is most certainly one of these beings. There is also a chance you are the direct child or grandchild (or perhaps great-grandchild) of a true Nephilim or Elohim-Human hybrid. 

Because of the unique nature of you genetics as an Angel incarnate, or descendant of a "star person" or member of a progenitor race, because of this uniquely particular heritage, it allows for the potential for Archangelic Energies to merge and expand you (as they themselves expand too), so this ability allows for creation of what are called "Archangeloi," or beings that are human but are truly Archangels incarnated upon the Earth without having to "fall into form," as it is called. 

There are only a few full-blood Archangeloi on the Earth currently, compared to various other incarnated beings such as star brothers, various ET races who exist and reproduce through the human race, etcetera.  These beings are all related to "Angelics," as many of these races are ascended and have been called "Angels" in the history of mankind. They are not exactly the same volume of divine energy that an Archangel or other forms of our Mother-Father God's first primordial intelligent species, but their divinity is not in question and they are, for all purposes, correctly deemed "Angels" or "Angelic Races" in their interaction and association with humanity of this planet.

This message, however, is meant for you, the Archangeloi being or relative of the Angels in various other deep personal ways. We wished to convey our heartfelt love and devotion to you. You've never been alone; you've never been forgotten by us. You've always been known and cherished, protected, guided and loved beyond measure by your Angelic and Ascended family. 

It was felt some more information regarding the Archangeloi should be shared. Please don't hesitate to call out and pray for our assistance in any matters you wish or ask us any questions you have. There are no skeletons in any closet that remotely make us love you any less than we do, dearest one

Archangel Metatron Message 2015


  1. Omguides thank you and I'm always so ready to receive these amazing insights and possibilities. And not only am I going to take this opportunity, I'm going to ask that we continue down this road awhile and see what's their. Its so far from what I was connecting to that nothing extra tied in and was perceived. This is the opportunity for changing my habit and increasing my faith. I would ask that we continue to add to it from your side creating the experience and ill acknowledge that I don't want to keep tying my clairvoyant vision on everything as it was just making it to active and dominant only when necessary or a part of what u have planned. Like for the others to get better alignment directly from me and see what I see. So a skill to teach not yet utilize till I'm more comfortable on my own. Instead just experience everything in the moment of the fullest and trust and dive into deep inner healing through positive means so that I'm ready for additional people and can be a positive influence and leader for heightened ability and control through consciousnesses higher connections. We got this love you thank you 🙏 boom Insta fix awesome stuff happening