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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Abraham-Hicks ~ Rampages (Attitude Adjustment)

Positive Focus

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Abraham Rampage of Appreciation
Powerful Symbols of my
understanding of myself

This morning I woke up feeling particularly good. I was a little stiff in my joints, but I found myself sort of giggling as I would attempt to stretch out the kinks from a good night's rest. My connection to what I think of as my Source or inner self was secure and happy, and I was, quite simply, feeling content as I began making myself some breakfast.

And then I started in on a habit I had fallen into unconsciously. Somewhere along the way, I (like so many) lost focus of my present "now" moment of contentment and began to focus on both actions and circumstances of the past and started feeling regretful, and I began to also consider issues of "the future" both immediate and far off, and I started to "worry" and be overly concerned about some issues that, most likely, aren't even what the future has in store for me.  That's literally worrying myself about events I won't even experience.

Angel Assistance - Angelics

But thankfully and wonderfully, there are angels in this universe to help in times like this. Now, I use the term "angel" to apply rather generally here.  There really are "Angels" created by the greatest powers of Good, and they're certainly present here around and within us, but I like to recognize all that supports and uplifts, all that makes effort or thinks well with optimism and encouragement. I call those beings "angels." I don't really feel that those whom are literally Angelic are offended by my use of this word in this fashion...

Anyway, this morning I recognize an angel whom has helped (and continues to help today) many people all over the world. This being's name is Abraham. Channeled through and by Esther Hicks, Abraham explains a perspective of this universe and of existence that I find makes a lot of sense to me. And let me tell you, in my life, things that make sense to me on that level had been far and few between for a while. But hey, maybe "making sense" of matters of universal size isn't as necessary as I first assumed.

I wanted to share a few of Abraham-Hicks rampages. If you are unfamiliar with what that is, then you're in for a treat.  Listen to these and believe in the very real and powerful truth of the state of your existence is that ALL IS WELL.

Abraham-Hicks: A Rampage of Ease and Flow

Abraham-Hicks: A Rampage of Allowing

Abraham-Hicks: A Rampage of Appreciation

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